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I want to get both Puzzle Agent games but I can't decide which platform to get it on. PS3, PC, Wii or iPhone? Which is best?

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I also have the same problem. I'm on s 20mbit cable connection in Australia. Sometimes they play fine, but right now they aren't watchable. I'm going to set it to progressive and see if that fixes it!
Update: So when I set it to progressive I had to wait a LONG time for the 5 minute video to buffer so I could watch it seamlessly. I guess it's better than streaming, however video is still loading very slow for my downstream connection speed. Maybe it is due to geographic server location or load?

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@cjmabry said:
" @SmashingTimes said:
" @ch13696 said:
" @somejerk said:
"Get a Slim, forget about a fat PS3, they are ticking timebombs heading towards YLODs. "
Not completely true. I still have my launch PS3 still running perfect like I just bought it yesterday. "
Same here. "
I can vouch for this, as my brother's phatty is still chugging along.  "
I still have my fat launch PS3. The slim PS3's aren't backwards compatible with PS2 games right? So I'd never give up my mighty fat PS3!
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@OneAndOnlyBigE said:
" If it's anything like Red Dead Redemption in 1940's L.A. plus the crime investigation elements.  I have a lot of faith in Rockstar, probably more than any other developer lately. "
Rockstar aren't developing this game though. Team Bondi are.
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Once completed the game can you go back to whatever chapter you want in the game? I died when fighting the Little Sister and I want to get the achievement where you kill the Little Sister without dying. Is it possible to come back and do this later?

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I don't know though. Another problem is that its the US version. I know PS3 games are region free but if more DLC is released because I'm in Australia I can't purchase DLC content for the game from the PSN Australian store with a US disc. However, on the Xbox 360 when games are region free and I have the US version when I buy DLC from the Australian marketplace it does not matter about the region of the disc.
I don't know why I was just reading about a whole heap of bugs, crashes, and frame rate issues on the PS3 version. So in comparison it's not like Bayonetta on the 360 vs PS3?

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So I got a free copy of Fallout 3 GOTY Edition for the PS3. I was reading about all the bugs on it and framerate issues that I was thinking of just selling this copy and purchasing the 360 version as I own both consoles. However, I was also reading that the PS3 version has been patched and they fixed a lot of the games bugs. Since then is the 360 version still the one to own?

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Bully is one of my favourite games ever!  I'm going to buy Bully:Scholarship Edition and play through it all again but this time on my 360!
Give us Bully 2!

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I just recently started playing the online multiplayer in Killzone 2. I'm a Sergeant 1st Class now. At what rank can I choose different player classes instead of just being a rifleman?

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