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Driving his car again? Holy Baloney, this is more than a wiggle of the toe here. Amazing, if it is as good as it sounds hopefully it won't be long before this is a viable option for people.

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This reminds me, I really need to finish Dragon Age 1 and 2 before this comes out. Impossible? Perhaps...

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A Clergyman's daughter - Orwell : A good book, if not a tad depressing. (All Orwell)

The Satanic Verses - Rushdie : Not far into it, but has an incredibly interesting premise and is well written enough thus far.

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I can't really see how most of the games mentioned could realistically apply something similar. It's a cool system and works great in Shadow of Mordor, and that's enough for me.

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@andorski: Hmm, kinda worrying. I put the particles down to low, although I still encounter slowdown. I get 60 for the most part, but there is consistent drops to 30, no in between, just straight down to 30.

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i7 at 4.5GHz

GTX 780ti


Runnin' old windows 7

And I still can't play assassin's creed IV at full! Good job Ubisoft!

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Never played the first one and this one doesn't look all too great from this video although mind you, it is early days.

Still, I'm finding it hard to care about what they've done with this franchise post 4. At this point I wouldn't mind a reboot.

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Trails in the sky. Only joking, I've never played it but a lot of people would put it up there, which kinda temps me to buy it on steam.

Perhaps...hmmm... this is tough...maybe FF IX? But that's more the whole game rather than the story. Eh.

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The Witcher 2. Geralt and Trish are some of the only characters to sound American.

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I have a friend who seldom leaves his house (he lives on his own), doesn't work, and has no desire to. I am the only person he keeps in contact with (we used to have mutual friends) nowadays apart from his family. And here's the kicker; he seems genuinely content.

I don't know whether its bad per se, but I guess if you really have no inclination to socialize why would you, just don't drop out off the planet altogether. Man cannot live on bread alone.