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I got this at a discount, so I think I'll probably just wait it out. That is, assuming it gets properly fixed.

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Not many stable ones, other than lowering your settings (which there aren't many to choose from anyway).

Manually boosting cap to 60fps creates some real problems with stability.

I'm using a Nvidia card but apparently AMD is even worse.

Give it a while, it'll just frustrate you now.

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@dan_citi said:

and doesn't have too much of the annoying fake deep stuff.

You'll proabably want it made by a different company then.

After playing the remaster of 2, I think I might be over this franchise.

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@cale: I believe a few in The Witcher 2 had N.I accents, I think remember that Kaedweni mercenary (Adam) having one?

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I only reserve full price spending every once in a while for games I'm particualrly excited for, which doesn't happen often. These include GTA V, Skyrim, and The Witcher 3. Most games I can wait for a price I feel is reasonable for me (around £20 usually)

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Lego Star Wars: 3 Lives per level. I really only imposed this rule when I realised death had no consequences in those games.

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It sounds like you've already chosen xbox to me.

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Hmm, your 2gb vram may only really allow middle graphics at best I'd say. I'm gonna be playing on a 780ti (3gb) and I'm not expecting to be able to max this thing 60fps. Honestly though, I'd say you'll still get a fairly fine looking game with those specs, just don't expect to reach the upper tiers of graphic settings.

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If you have a good pc then yeah, I agree. Very little exclusives to get excited about on the horizon.

If, on the other hand I didn't have one, I'd probably own a ps4 by now.

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There's a lot of good indie stuff if you didn't play it on xbox already. Dust: An Elysian Tail, Dragon age 1 (haven't played the others) if even just for the isometric camera; it really does make that much of a difference. More recently perhaps Ori, although I haven't played that myself. Oh and Gang Beasts if you've got friends! (hence why it's not in my library haha)

Gta V when it comes out. I'm going to get it solely for the inevitable 'GTA IV Driving Physics mod'.