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Trails in the sky. Only joking, I've never played it but a lot of people would put it up there, which kinda temps me to buy it on steam.

Perhaps...hmmm... this is tough...maybe FF IX? But that's more the whole game rather than the story. Eh.

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The Witcher 2. Geralt and Trish are some of the only characters to sound American.

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I have a friend who seldom leaves his house (he lives on his own), doesn't work, and has no desire to. I am the only person he keeps in contact with (we used to have mutual friends) nowadays apart from his family. And here's the kicker; he seems genuinely content.

I don't know whether its bad per se, but I guess if you really have no inclination to socialize why would you, just don't drop out off the planet altogether. Man cannot live on bread alone.

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James Pond: Robocod

It evokes the perfect sense of guttural shite that that game consists of.

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As someone who generally hates American comedians, yeah, Chappelle's not bad at all.

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Your processor won't do you any favours in the long run (AMD CPUs are inefficient compared to Intel), but it's decent enough for now, but I'd say it ain't gonna be keeping up with the pack for very long (assuming that's what you hope to do).

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No idea for a solution, but this is the wrooooong place to look for one.

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I'm from Northern Ireland, some of my friends would drink it, and I guess I would too if tired (high sugar/caffeine).

Buckfast is like a really sweet syrup with a blackberry vibe to it. Does that sound appealing to you? You've really gotta consider that, because it'd be quite a lot to post it over just out of curiosity.

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You could still find a game easily enough in Uncharted 3 when I last played it, and now that it's all free with ps + I'd say there's a few more now.