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@thatpinguino: Well I have never visited neogaf so that 'go somewhere else' statement has been applied. And sure, they have the right to reserve what is discussed on their forums, I just think its weak form to completely ban all discussion on this game. I don't know what the nature of the topics surrounding the game were like on that site, but I think a lot of the conversation on giantbomb has been healthy, and it makes for interesting reading seeing what others think about such a hot topic.

"if you are taking the position that every game ever made needs to be discuss-able on every game forum or else its a slippery slope that leads to some sort of terrible forum moderation"

I never said that. You're making a lot of assumptions; no slippery slope, no forum apocalypse. I just think this is worth discussing to a degree. Now something like Leisure Suit Larry, I wouldn't mind if that was never discussed again.

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All this uber PC censorship seems like fascism more and more to me. While I have no interest in the game and it does sound insensitive, we should all have the choice of whether we play it, how we react to it, etc. Not allowing to be discussed at all? Yeah, no thanks.

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@redcouch: Moby Dick was good when it was good, absolutely, I just thought the chapters going into the intricacies of whaling and whatnot pretty fatiguing and didn't contribute to the story in any meaningful way at best, and at all whatsoever at worst.

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Finally decided to get back to the D'artangan romances. Read the Three Musketeers and Twenty Years After ages ago and never got round to the massive (Split into three books in most English translations) finale. It seems more of the same, which is to say it is really very good.

I finished The Satanic Versus earlier this month, also a decent read and it is pretty clear why this was so controversial when it came out, which is a shame as it is pretty good in its own right.

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@gloomytangent: Granted I only played Far Cry 3 this year, but it seems so strange considering it worked fine in that game. It almost feels like you're playing with an incredibly low framerate except well, you're not actually... Gonna stick to controller for now I guess.

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@pcorb: That's me told...haha. Fair enough, disregard my previous statement then. An i5 sounds like a pretty good deal now.

I'm just gonna pretend that hyper threading still means something anyway, like I'm well endowed. And not over compensating.

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Spend the extra money to get a Nvidia card, and make sure it has at least 3 vram.

SSD's are exspensive, so I'd get a small one and use it for booting up and some essential software type stuff, then get a HDD for the bulk of your data.

i5 or i7 processor, probably i7 for 'future proofing' as it has hyperthreading to emulate more cores (although this feature isn't really put to use yet, I imagine it will be at some stage as the newer consoles have 8).

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I'm not sure....I'd love to see San Andreas redone with the rage engine and IV's driving, there is a mod for it I guess. Haven't tried it out yet.