Just Cause 2 review

     I played Just Cause 2 and when I started playing I was like "hmmmmmm." I ended up doing some really cool thingy and I flipped out. I was like a five year old that had to many candy bars. I'm giving this game a 9 out of 10

Why the 9 and not a 10 you ask? The game is fun and with the constant explosions going on around you, you tend to get pretty hyped up about everything. So you end up thinking your invincible and you run into the enemy fire instead of doing the smart thing and ripping the Gatling gun and Destroying everything around you like the mission says, but no you have to be the guy who can get shot four hundred times without getting killed. NEWS FLASH it didn't work because your some guy with a pistol.

      Another thing I like about the game is that you can work for 3 different gangs, The Reapers. The Roaches, or The Ular or something like that. Personally I favor the Reapers because they are cool to work with and they just happen to have the only Girl Gang leader in the game. One of the missions you have to do is called Driving Miss Stacy and she's a total whore. there's a guy named Boom Boom. WHO NAMES THEIR CHILD BOOM BOOM! Yeah its probably just a street name or something, or maybe it's because they couldn't think of a better name. So back to the mission you driving in a limo and all of a sudden this guy starts shooting at you. guess who, it's Boom Boom, there are a couple of ways you can handle this. you can get out and shoot, you can just go around him, or you can speed up in you already banged up limo and run the guy over like I did. After that it's a straight line to the destination.

     A really nice thing to have is the video capture function. If you do something totally awesome you can set it to record every 30 seconds, and you can upload it directly to youtube and feel cool about doing something awesome. Some fun things to do are what I like to call the Durability Tests and it's where you get a vehicle and you drive it to a really high mountain as carefully as you can and then the fun part comes. You drive it off the edge of the mountain. It's really fun because you get a different crash every time. It may be flip, flip, roll, then the next time it may be roll, flip, roll.

     This game is very addicting and I would recommend anyone to play it if they get the chance. The constant explosions, Durability Tests, and the seemingly dumb missions that give you money will always leave you pretending to be that guy with the endless amount of parachutes.    


bioshock 1 late review

Yes, i know that i'm late to write this but i saw bioshock 2 was out and i figured well might as well get the first one over with so i know what kind of story it is and i spent half of the time craping my pants cause i was scared to death. I myself would give it a 8.5 because sometimes you cant see a thing like near the end of the game theres a part where you can ready up and its in a small corner with hardly any visibility at all the only way you can tell there is any thing there is a little shine over the item which shines every 4 seconds so that was some what useless, but on the upside it was there and it was nice.  
    Another thing that got on my nerves was having no health packs no EVE  and no ammo for any of my weapons and there being 4 people outside the vita-chamber with a big daddy but allot of the smaller plasmids were very useful like the hypnotize big daddy and the security thing (i forgot the name of the plasmid) where you hit your enemy  with it when its near a security camera and the camera gos off  and you cant for get the enrage plasmid it thought that was awesome you hit an enemy with it and he gos on a weird rampage and starts killing every one, that made me go =(   ).  
 The story was nice to i liked how it turns out (not sure if there are different endings depending on what you do with the little sisters but i saved them all) for all of those who haven't played bioshock and are somewhat like me and you want to beat the first game before the you tackle the second one i wont ruin the story but other than that and those few words the game was perfect. 
 P.S- i'm posting this on the bioshock 2 page because i doubt that any one still reads the bioshock 1 page


Battlefield 2 Beta Problems

If it were a game, I would give BFBC2 Beta a 9.5 out of 10.The point five because it only has one level. it's a fun beta and deserves some comments every once and a while. I do think it could use some new adjustment if you will. First: put something up there that says who's talking, I mean really every first person shooter has some sort of thing that says who's talking. Second: they really need to do something about Spawn Camping and spawning into a bullet... Third: way to many snipers put a limit please one second I'm running around the next second i get shot in the head buy a SVU 98.Fourth: tone it down with the tanks and there power. other than that it would be a good Beta. And the positive point five for the fact that i only got 3 Hrs of sleep playing the game. XD
Also those of us who are going to get a new PS3 soon how are we going to play it on our new PS3 with out getting a new key when they are all depleted???


Older Games?

Older games. Some people think there harder and some dont. I also think that some are better that some of the newer games. Post if you you agree.