GOTY 2011

This list is still pending as the year is not over and I plan to finish Skyward Sword and play more TOR before it ends. With that in mind, TOR is on this list despite me only reaching level 20 thus far. The reasons why are explained in the description for that game's placement

UPDATE 12/30/11 - I got far enough in Skyward Sword to justify it on this list. I also gave some consideration as to what to knock off the list. Numerically it was Gears of War 3, but I realized if I had to choose between playing Gears 3 multiplayer for 20 hours or beating Dragon Age 2 again, I'd rather play Gears. So I've fixed that positioning. I've also gotten further in The Old Republic (Level 21ish now) and feel justified if I want to move it closer to the top. I also thought about the positioning of Red Faction Armageddon and decided to switch it to number #10. It's a fun game, but I suppose not as memorable as everything else on the list. If any future changes occur, it'll probably be where Skyward Sword and TOR end up being.

List items