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Um. Patrick, how about Dark Souls with its Pendant in comparison to the ruler?

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I hated myself after that Valentine's Day.

I'm sticking with one girl on my second playthrough!

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Wait. No Quarians?

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So, in Chapter 1 after finishing room 4 or 5 I get in the elevator. It goes to a loading screen and then it goes black..

.. and stays black except for a few seconds of light every couple of minutes. And the elevator isn't in sight and it looks like I'm in a small steel container.

Reloaded save. Same problem. Restarted the game and speedran to the same part. Same problem.

Unless I'm really missing something and this is supposed to happen though I doubt it.

So, um.. great?

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I'm pretty sure I heard on the show that they would make it easy to download, say, all of the Endurance Runs.
Is that active yet?