Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Money

Does anyone know whose face is on the money you find in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon? I imagine its an 80's reference but I cannot tell who it is. Its a female who resembles Anita Bryant a bit, but she is hardly a staple of the 80's? Does anyone recognize the woman?


ANOTHER Xbox purchased!

Just got the Star Wars Xbox and am once again dumping my old hard drive onto the new one. Why am I doing this? This is my third unnecessary xbox purchase just because it looks cool. The new system is probably coming in a year or so and I have dumped all this cash so R2 can talk to me when I put a disk in. What is wrong with me?



I'm not a troll, I have been reading/listening to Gerstmann for years since the early days of Gamespot when he was the goofy sidekick to Gallop on On The Spot. In those days he had an enthusiasm about gaming that has diminished over the years. He has become very cynical and pessimistic about most things gaming and only something that could be deemed as being tragically hip holds his attention for the moment, like Fez. He has broken one of the primary tenants of journalism many times by insulting things he hasn't even observed yet. Like his initial tirade against Prey 2 wondering why anyone would create a sequel to a crappy game that didn't need one. Then he actually saw it and he changed his tune thinking it looked cool. And that is just one example. I just wish he would have that old enthusiasm about gaming again. Maybe Rich Gallop could host the podcast...

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I love the site and the quick wit and sarcasm, but I dont think Gerstman enjoys ANYTHING anymore, especially gaming, and I can't think of another person so jaded.