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That is pretty entertaining. lol

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Well that's the cutest thing I've heard all day.

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yeah, that was nice, though undoubtably fake.

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first answer 8
second answer 0

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That was adorable until the dumbass mother comes screaming in like a fucking idiot. God...shut up.

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papercut said:
"***SPOILER***first answer 8second answer 0"
Dude, more spaces - I was busting out my calculator.
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Milkman said:
"That was adorable until the dumbass mother comes screaming in like a fucking idiot. God...shut up."
I agree, the guy was being really cool about it too.
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That is a crime  ROFL   Just kidding  lol

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Awww. lol

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papercut said:
"***SPOILER***first answer 8second answer 0"
Ummm, no didn't you hear the girl? Its:

First answer: 1
Second answer: 5
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Seeing this just after waking up made my day a whole lot better.

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I hope that mother didnt beat her kid.

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Man, that's awesome.

I dunno? One?

That kid DID need help with math.
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i found that really annoying

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That just made my day.

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I don't remember K-4 but I think we didn't do math when I was 4. I think all we did was trace dotted lines and color.

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Hope the dude didnt get fired

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Good thing he stayed on the line, that mom sounded dangerous!

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I like how the guy played along with it

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Child calling 911 for math help +100 (You gotta make 'em work for you :P)

Guy on the phone +1/-1 (Great that you stayed cool and even helped the child in the right way rather than giving the answers straight up front, but shouldn't you be watching for other calls that could actually be emergencies?)

Stupid bitch of a mother that cannot spend a few minutes to help her child with the homework, then bitching about it that the child uses other ways to find help -100

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I think he's supposed to continue talking, just make sure wether it's an emergency, and the person can't say it straight out and instead insinuate or use codewords or something, or wether something is happening in the background.

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I bet that kids arse got a tanning from mum......

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Rofl, that was great.

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I'm rather surprised that the guy on the line didn't just hang up instantly.

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Awww, that was so cute.

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I bet that guy is a good dad.

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That was cute.....that was awsome that the guy stayed on the phone with that boy...or girl...I thought it was a boy.
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Haha that was great. That emergency operator is total win!

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protip: 5 minus 5 is not 5

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How heartwarming. Who is doing match at 4 years old though? Connect the dots, son! That's what it's about.

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hahaha, cute. The screaming mother in the background in the end, annoying as hell. Lady STFU

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Very very old clip, but funny nonetheless.