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Just bought the game on the steam sale, and I'm pretty psyched to finally play it

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Spot on hahaha

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Loaderbot for sure

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Hey duders, I've been using a lot of untappd these last 6 months. For those that don't know, untappd is a beer app that you can use when you drink. You add your beer, maybe write a comment or mini-review and add a picture. You can also see what your friends are drinking and what they rate it and all that. And there is a badge system that's kinda like achievements for beer. I think it brings more fun to your drinking, and it challenges you to try new brews.

You can add me my searching for Bamsen and my name Henrik Brosveet will also appear. Anyway thanks for reading, and I know it's a cliché but English ain't my 1st language, so be gentle :).

Have a great weekend duders, Cheers! and in norwegian, Skål!

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Kill it with fire ahhhhhhh

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I added you duder :), steam name Teddy

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Awesome, nice to see that codemasters are doing what they do best

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The carnage is very satisfying in this game

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Over the last 10 years, you've spent 4409.6 hours playing this selection, which includes 451 items, is valued at $7638.38, and requires 2437.8 GB

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Dan Carlins Hardcore History is so good