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God of war 0

God of war is a fantasy action adventure game, its not just one of the best in its genre but one of the best on the ps2, not only does it look great but has a superb story, characters and battle take the role of Kratos, a spartan warrior from greece, the game is explained by a narrator explaining kratos's story, the cut-scenes are great and each explain abit about what is to come for the spartan or about his past.Kratos wields two blades attached by metal chains to either arm similar ...

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Assassins creed 0

Assassin's Creed is a third-person stealth game.The primary goal of the game is to complete nine assassinations which can be completed by a number of ways, before any assassination becomes available you need to preform different tasks like speaking to informers, eavesdropping, interrogation and pickpocketing. you also have the chance to help citizens that are being threatened or harassed by city guards, these certain tasks only become available however once you have climbed a high point to map o...

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Kingdom hearts 0

Kingdom hearts is one of the most overrated games on the ps2, its not that its a bad game but it doesnt stand anywhere upto the massive hype that surrounds the game. As far as rpg's go this was pretty average and as far as games in general go, this was pretty average.The battle system is horrible, maybe fun for about the first half hour but it then just becomes a button mash, repeatedly tapping the X button to try and string together combos. healing is also poorly executed, you can have three of...

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goldeneye 007 0

Goldeneye is probably the best first-person-shooter ever made. not only is the game one of the best on the N64 but its also one of the best multiplayers available.20 levels, 3 difficulty settings, lots of replay value. you really can spend alot of time on this game, especially if you have a few friends round playing the multiplayer.if you have a 64 this game needs to be in your collection, its one of those games worth buying the console for. you will have alot of fun with it, i know i have. I ca...

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Tenchu Wrath of Heaven 0

  i have to start by saying wrath of heaven is a good game, it can be frustrating at times but deffinatly can prove to be quite difficult at times especially near the begining of the game for first time players but even then its still fun. i found myself playing the first level a few times after dying near the end of the level, this is one of the annoying points, not the fact you can die but some levels could be upto 40mins long and there is no way to save your progress. s...

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Star Ocean: Till the end of time 0

Star ocean started with a great opening cut scene but then things started to get worse, the most annoying thing seemed to be the little amount of time you actually get to play the game after being constantly interrupted by really slow and unnecessary dialogue, the in game graphics seemed ok but nothing special and everything seemed to be playing out inside a space station or ship with all gloomy, grey walled rooms. however the more i started to play, the more i started to really enjoy it. the gr...

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The bouncer 0

if you are looking for another squaresoft masterpiece then this game is not right for you. its too short and only has the play time boosted up by constant interruptions of dialogue, although the cut scenes and cinimatics are definitely enjoyable they are put on screen almost every 5 minutes. the games story line will probably take around 1hour to finish and about half that if you skip through the scenes.the general gameplay is repetitive, but you can string some nice combos and becomes quite enj...

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metal gear solid 2 : sons of liberty 0

Metal Gear Solid 2 carries the super title of "Tactical Espionage Action" indeed most of the game involves sneaking around without being seen by the enemies, using intelligence and swift response from the player.but there is a much wider range of skills offered to the player rather than just sneak and shoot. The new first-person aiming mode allows players to target specific things with there gun, (like an enemies head) greatly expanding tactical options. guards could be blinded by steam by shoot...

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Ico 0

A game unlike any other i have played, great story, characters, backgrounds and so much more.You play the role of Ico, a young boy born with a pair of horns. Ico is to be sacrificed and so sent to a mysterious castle. locked away in a stone like tomb he manages to escape and upon doing so finds a cage with a girl locked inside, the girl is named yorda and together they must escape.The game in total is rather short but every minute seems enjoyable, the cut scenes are short and few but again are e...

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Secret of mana - Seiken densetsu 2 0

With Final fantasy VI, Chrono trigger, Super mario RPG and other famous role playing games staying exclusivly in japan and america it was more than deserved that Squaresoft (now square-enix) realesed a worldwide game for RPG fans all over to enjoy. STORY : The hero of the game, who is oftern refered to as ''the boy''  is playing near a waterfall with two friends when he falls into the depths below, searching for an exit he finds a sword set in stone, the boy removes the sword after some words of...

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