bearcat's Game Reviews - Alien Swarm

Alien Swarm is a game produced by Valve. It is free, and downloadable from Steam. It is a sky-view game where you work in groups of 2, 3 or 4 to complete the level. Your enemys are aliens...aliens with four legs and 4 massive spikes as a face...yeah...anyway it's a fantastic game. You can choose from 4 different classes; Tech - you open doors and panels by completing circuits and aligning numbers. It is your responsobility to do it as quick as possible so that your teammates don't get killed by The Swarm. Special Weapons - You are the gunner. it's your job bigass guns into battle and shoot lots of bullets at the enemy. Officer - You don't have anything good really, apart from a shotgun called the Vindicator that only Officers can use. It has a wide spread and very good damage. Medic - You are a medic. You heal people when they are hurt. There are weapons which all classes can use, such as the M8 Flamer Unit and the Model 35 Shotgun. Overall this is a good team game to play with friends, and the only down side is, there is only a offline "practice" mode. You can't level, but you can try out the levels with your other 3 teammates as NPC's. Overall, a good game. 8/10