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Review: Why Dark Souls Hates You & Why You Love it Back 0

Developed by From Software, Dark Souls is the spiritual successor to the PS3 exclusive Demon’s Souls, an action RPG, renowned for its difficulty and trial-and-error approach.Dark Souls will not hold your hand throughout its lengthy campaign, in fact it will slap you in the face and kick you while you are down for good measure.Over the 12 hours I have spent with Dark Souls so far, it is not uncommon to have played over 2 hours in a single sitting and to have made little to no progress at all. Dar...

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Review: RAGE 0

Rage is a first-person shooter developed by id Software. With over 4 years in the making id is back with a stunning shooter that makes for a very strong first impression.You play as a sole survivor of the 2029 Apophis asteroid impact who has just awoken from an Ark (a world-wide movement which took scientists and other significant people, and froze them underground in cryo-pods so they could rebuild Earth).You are among a small number of survivors who are forced to begin a new civilization. Soun...

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Review: Forza Motorsport 4 0

Driving simulators have been around for a long time and with each iteration they get increasingly more realistic. Many gamers are turned off at the thought of navigating complex menu’s, slow player progression and often unrealistic car AI. Turn 10 studios is back hot off the success of Forza 3 with an amazing game that streamlines everything and sets the new benchmark for driving sims.Everything contained within Forza 4 is there to keep you racing. Forza 4 will not place you into races that you ...

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Review: Need for Speed -The Run 0

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted a driving game to feature driving from one side of a country to the other. I often thought how cool it would be to map out the terrain as realistic as possible but realised that most likely this type of game would never see the light of day.EA Black Box has proven me wrong with more or less fulfilling my dream car game with Need for Speed – The Run. Now I say more or less as the game is not perfect by any means.In The Run you play as Jack Rourke,...

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“renting this tomorrow” 0

  When Dark Void was announced by Capcom, expectation where high.   What we had was a promise of an action packed third person shooter mixed in with some rockateer/crimson skies adventure, what we actually have here is none of the above. You take on the role of Will (voiced by Nolan North), a pilot on a routine air cargo flight dropped into incredible circumstances as he crashes in the Bermuda Triangle leading him to be trapped in the Void.   Let’s be honest here, the story is not very interes...

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Apocalypse Now 0

Darksiders is an action-adventure game developed by first timers Vigil Games.   You play as a character named "War", one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  The Opening scene of the game shows the apocalypse of the world taking place prematurely and the four horsemen being blamed for starting the devastation. It is up to you "WAR" to find out who is behind it all and bring them to justice.   In typical game fashion, you are caught between angels and demons, have lost much of your power and ...

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Am I The Only One That Thinks This Game Is Average? 0

The word around town is that Bayonetta is the first big hit of 2010.  Well you can imagine my dismay as put this bad girl into my console and really don't see any of the great things being said about it.    For a start the story is an absolute joke, the cut scenes are of Metal Gear proportions all be it dumbed down counterparts.   Yes its tru that the combat feels good, that's if you can actually see what is happening on the screen with so much visual rubbish flying around.   In all honesty I do...

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Motorstorm: Pacific Rift - Review 0

 When the PS3 first launched a few years back, Motorstorm was a title that really showed the potential of the PS3 hardware. Although the game was drop dead gorgeous, to me it really just played like a tech demo and wasn't much of a game at all.How things have changed with Pacific Rift! This game was released in November of 2008 and somehow got lost amongst some of the AAA titles that hit during that month. I blame developers and publishers for releasing everything during November, makes it very ...

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A big round of appluase for Rocksteady 0

Lets be honest, there hasn't been a good Batman game since...well, since never. This is the first good Batman game, in fact its not good, it's great!The game begins with Batman driving towards Arkham Asylum with Joker in hand, an easy catch, one would say a little too easy. From there we see the Joker escaping the clutches of the prison guards and raising hell from within the Aylum.It's up to you, Batman to save the day and restore order once again.From the get go you can see that a lot of love ...

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Godfather II - Review 0

After a short delay in it's release date Godfather II is taking over stores today. Godfather II follows events from the great film of the same name, released in 1974. It tells of a mob war amongst several families and is played out in 3 locations. New York City, Florida and Cuba.Based on the source material, Godfather 2 has an interesting story to tell but whether or not you will stick around to hear it is another thing.What Godfather 2 has to offer is a very satisfying sense of control of your ...

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The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai - Review 0

The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai is the creation from Ska Studio's James Silva. It is a 2D side scrolling beat em up with loads of flair. The Dishwasher was the winner of Microsoft's initial Dream-Build-Play game development contest in 2007. Silva received $10,000 and an Xbox Live Arcade publishing contract.Over 2 years in the making, The Dishwasher finally hit XBLA last week. Let me start by suggesting that you play this game on the 'easy' difficulty to start with. The game will beat your ass on 'n...

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WWE Legends of WrestleMania 0

From the creators that brought you the Smackdown vs Raw series, legends of Wrestlemania is a simplified brutal adventure down memory lane. Gone are the complicated control schemes, they have been replaced with a fairly simple yet clunky controls.Legends of Wrestlemania allows to to relive many of Wrestlemanias big fights over the last 25 years. From Bundy vs Hogan to Honky Tonk Man vs Brutus the Barber Beefcake, all the big fights are there. You can either relive, re-create history of those big ...

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Eat Lead - Review 0

Eat Lead is one of those games that flew under the radar of most peoples "games for 2009" list. I for one didn't even realise it was due for release. So I popped it into my 360 and had a look, what I found was a fun game that made me laugh throughout the entire campaign.Eat Lead is a story about Matt Hazard, a "retro gaming hero of 25 years" that is back after a 6 year break from making games. This is Matt's first next gen game but there is a twist. The CEO of the gaming company has completely t...

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Resident Evil 5 - Review 0

After playing that dreadful RE5 demo that was released a few months back, I wasn't expecting too much going into RE5. Well to my delight, that demo really isn't an indication of what RE5 is like, yes that part of the game is still a pain in the ass but the game is so much more.RE5 is not a survival horror game which may disappoint some fans of previous RE games. It is an action/adventure/shooter that hits on many targets.Visually you will struggle to find a better looking game out there with som...

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Braid - Review 0

You could be easily fooled into thinking that Braid was simply another platforming game. Braid is first and foremost a puzzle game which uses platforming to assist in solving the always fun and sometimes very challenging puzzle’s spread across 6 worlds. The first thing you will notice when you begin to play Braid is that the game is highly stylized in its presentation. Braid has simple, yet very appealing graphics and the soundtrack is so beautiful that you will often find yourself listening t...

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Battlefield: Bad Company - Review 0

Bad Company is a first person shooter that is trying to be the leader of the pack but fails pretty badly.Yes the visuals are good and the cinematic's (mostly) look great and one could argue the story is funny, not that I found it funny at all.There are too many problems here for me to recommend. Firstly the actual gameplay is pretty bad. The AI even on the lowest difficulty are ruthless, so bad that you could be 1 mile from an enemy and just see him on the screen and he will spot you and still b...

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Fable 2 - Review 0

Fable 2 takes you on an adventure like no other game has done before, is it enough to win the hearts of gamers this holiday season?Coming off the success of the original game, Fable 2 is a realization of everything Fable 1 was trying to be. It has a beautiful story of redemption as you are hit hard early in the game with the death of your sister. The game then quickly shifts to a story about revenge and more importantly how much you are willing to sacrifice along the way. The constant battle bet...

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Gears Of War 2 - Review 0

It has been a few years since Epic stunned the gaming world with one of the most exhilarating shooters gamers had ever seen. Microsoft had banked on Cliffy B and the boys down at Epic to produce a new IP (Intellectual Property) that delivered, and delivered is exactly what they did. Fast forward to November 2008 and Gears of War 2 is finally hitting the shelves, sending fan boys into a frenzy. How does it compare to the first? Is it just Gears 1.5? In short, Gears of War 2 is breathtaking and ...

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Mirror's Edge - Review 0

It is pretty safe to say that you haven't played a game like Mirror's Edge. Game developers Dice have been in the game for quite some time now with some classics such as Pinball Dreams, Ralisport Challange and most recently battlefield: Bad Company.Mirror's Edge is a very ambitious game that takes platforming to a whole new level. You need to give credit to Dice for going out and making a game such as this. Is it a revolution in platform gaming or does it fall flat on its face?You play as "Faith...

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Prince Of Persia - Review 0

When I heard that Prince Of Persia was coming to next gen gaming consoles, I was thrilled. It brought back memories of the many fun filled hours spent playing Sands of Time on the original xbox. You can rest easy, the new Prince Of Persia is a return to form.The game is built on a refined Assassin's creed engine and is a joy to play from start to finish. From the stunning visuals to a very unique art style, you will be impressed with how the game looks and plays.The story involves you the princ...

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50 Cent - Blood on the Sand - Review 0

50 Cent - Blood on the Sand is a surprisingly good game. Yes I know I can’t believe it either. In all honesty we were not expecting big things from this game as 50’s previous game was terrible. So terrible that I’m not even going to mention the title of it. All you need to know is that 50 is back with an action shooter that is fun on many levels. The game starts off with 50 performing a concert somewhere in the . After the show 50 goes to collect his cash however the promoter doesn’t have the ...

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Halo Wars - Review 0

Let me start by saying that Halo Wars is not your typical Real Time Strategy (RTS) game. When I say typical I mean slow paced, complex and massive battles that you have come to expect from such a game.Halo Wars is all about small but highly entertaining levels jam packed with interesting objectives and firefights. It is a shame that this is the last we will see of Ensemble Studios since they have packed up shop a few months ago. It is also a shame as they have created a very entertaining and app...

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Snakes Final Mission 0

Solid (Old) Snake is back in MGS4 in what will be his final mission. I want to clear up something right from the start, this game is amazing, however it is not a game for everyone. Visually MGS4 is easily one of the most beautifully rendered games you have ever seen. From the impressive player models to the attention to detail in all the locations you will get to explore, much love has been put into this title and it shows. The story is complicated, so complicated that the final cutscene is ...

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Epic is back with a great shooter 0

I would like to start off by saying that I really respect Epic Games when it comes to producing value for money games for all of us. They are amongst a small group of developers that really put their heart and soul into everything they release and it shows with Unreal Tournament 3.UT3 is all about action packed, fast combat with jaw dropping visuals and killer sound to boot. The visuals in UT3 are fantastic and the game runs at a blistering framerate with no slowdown to be found even in the heav...

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