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@wjb said:

People be speculatin'.

For real, yo.

I'd hope folks would just understand that there must be a good reason, and respect the fact that this is seemingly not under Giant Bomb's control. Who knows? Just accept it. They're giving refunds, so no harm/no foul.

Errbody lookin' for a scapegoat...

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A staggering loss for all. My thoughts are with his family, his wife, and his brothers at Giant Bomb. Just brutal and horrible. We are gonna miss that dude.

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Just wanted to give some props. I use this thing all the damn time. Fantastic.

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@Anund said:

Why would you go to a restaurant where the chicken is decent but everything you get WITH your chicken is "uninspiring" at best?

Well, I really like the chicken, which is the main appeal. Also, I did say that I enjoy both the cajun fries and the biscuits. :-)

I just wish Jeff would give Popeye's a shot again, before crapping all over it. He said that he hadn't tried it in a long time. I've only ever tried Popeye's in the past few years, so it may be that my experience is totally different from Jeff's experience of over 6 years ago.

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I strongly disagree with their hatred of Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen. Look man, I understand that the dirty rice is shit, the mashed potatoes are gross, and the slaw is uninspiring, but the chicken itself is good shit. The biscuits and cajun fries are good too. Heck, Jeff even said that he hadn't tried Popeye's in years, and that his info might be out of date. I wish they'd actually give it a shot.

So yeah, not a game opinion, but a fried chicken joint opinion is where I disagree. I'm not kidding!

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Well, I finally finished The Walking Dead. Goddamn, it was as brutal as everybody said it was. Such a great game, no question. But is it strange that I'm just really relieved and glad that it's over? It's kind of a first for me: really enjoying a game, but being kind of shelled shocked after its end.

Anyway, plowing ever onward through the Steam "pile of shame!" I'm about 8 hrs into Arkham Asylum. After that, I take on the venerable XCOM.

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I wish the GB dudes would make a shirt commemorating and 's 24 hour Halo marathon.

Heck, you could even give some of the proceeds to charity.

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After many a hiatus, countless side quests, endless mod tinkering, and distractions from other games, I've finally finished the main quest of Skyrim.