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A man does not truly die until all who knew him are gone as well.

Requiescat in pace, Ryan Davis.

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I find that I'm disliking the game for pretty much the exact reasons I thought I'd dislike it for. At this point it's pretty much a SimRuraltown.

Some elements are pretty neat, though. I'm liking some of the new data maps, though I wish they had graphs for things like SC4 did (Maybe I missed them? I got my invite late at night and just had to try it out). What I don't like is how they've implemented the access to the maps in the interface. Just put that list of all maps on screen at all times, don't stick it in the corner like it's unimportant, dammit! I also think the "upgradeability" of the ploppables is a really neat idea, especially for the schools (school bus stops is pretty swell, and rather realistic too).

I have some gripes with the road mechanics and zoning, though. I find that the road picker (straight, curved, etc) is a bit unimaginative. Do we really live in an era where we don't have modifier keys? Is it so hard to figure out how I want my road to curve based on how I draw the mouse? I was struggling with the curved road with quite some time because it wasn't curving the way I wanted it to. I can't remember how exactly Cities XL did this since I didn't play it for long (it's not that good), but I think I do recall it did it better than this. One major issue I noticed was that it's not possible to replace a 1-"tile" street with a 2-"tile" street, which I thought was very restrictive. I have to demolish the street and all the zones around it to replace it? Not good at all.

The zoning is a bit meh. I guess it makes sense to only be able to zone near streets, but what happens to the space in the middle that isn't used? Do the buildings creep in toward the center? Maybe I just didn't get that far in the allotted hour.

Also, where are the different zoning densities? You're not letting me decide where the various building sizes go? Why not? Too much thinking for your average video game player? Gotcha.

All in all, I probably won't be getting this. Cities in Motion 2 seems promising, even though it's not really a city sim, and I guess there's always Cities XL for whoever actually thinks that's a good game. And there's always Sim City 4.

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@Gamergirl197811: The fact that you used a brand new account makes it rather difficult to know if you're just joking or actually being serious.

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Management sims sort of died after the market got saturated with RCT-style "Tycoon" games. I don't think the genre is about to be resuscitated either, that style of game is just not "in" at the moment. I'd love it if it happened, though.

Maybe when shooters and action games get boring.

: I think his game dev career sort of ended when isometric 2D graphics went out of fashion.

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It sort of ruins the fun of being able to explore and do everything on a level. I understand why it's there, but it should be a feature and not necessarily locked in, in my opinion.

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Definitely not Alienware, it's like the Apple of PCs. Overpriced as hell and you can get much better.

You say you don't want to build your own, but that is definitely the best way to get a good system. Prebuilts are always chock full of bloatware and they cost more than if you buy the components separately. Putting together a computer really isn't hard at all, and there are probably plenty of people on these forums who are willing to help you with it.

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I find it odd that America is pushing for universal health insurance and not universal healthcare.

Too many retards spouting "oh no the us is becoming communist" for that to happen.

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Ghost Trick is an excellent game. Simple and intuitive controls, and a great story. It's a must-have.

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I hope they put them to good use, and have them make RTSes. Though I doubt that will happen.

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The difference in Patrick's and Alex' news headings really stuck out here, in my opinion. He tried to mislead me with the title, but the description gave it away immediately.