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I was trying to figure out how to get my PS4 to turn it self off at night? I usually fall asleep watching something on netflix and can't figure out how to get the system to turn itself off. I system setting I turn controller shut down to 10 minutes and everything else to 1 hour. The last few nights though when I get up everything is till on. Based on how many episodes I'm missing its on for at least 3 hours. Some point in the middle of night I notice everything is on and turn it off myself. Am I missing something? anyone else having similar problem?

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Add some kind of easy "join forces" button, so I can team up with people I meet in the world. It's stupid and worthless to point or way at some one, take on of those away and replace it with "join fireteam." Destiny is much better when played with other people yet they make it so hard to team up.

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I'm sure there are a lot of people like us, especially those of us over 30. I do enjoy a good, even bad when played with friends, coop game. I remember playing through one of the cain and lynch with one of my good buddies and even though it wasn't a good game we had a blast going through it. Now, I'm in a similar place were mostly I play single player games, spelunky, xcom, dragon age and that's fine cause I can go through them at my own time and pace. However, every now and than I want to play some COD or destiny. I played lots of borderlands one and two and played with random people alot. When I knew I was going to have a long play session I would bounce around looking for people who would talk, work together, and generally not be fucking nuts. Now I have a list of friends, who I may not really know, but I know we play games together well. Somethings need to be done with others.

I sit here now waiting for my new white PS4 to show up tomorrow and know that I will have to search for new people to play destiny with. Its really one of the biggest problems I have with destiny, and that is it doesn't really look like something to be played solo. Borderlands was easy to go through by myself, but ten times better with four people. Going into multiplayer is one thing cause its mostly everyone for themselves, but I enjoy the playing in a group of people actually working together. If you are playing destiny on PS4 find me tomorrow, BoFooQ.

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I actually like all the diva stuff between aj and paige and bella sisters. Fight with stephiane and brie was great. Normally the diva stuff is all terrible aside from most of them looking good but these two story lines have been very good. That said I hate the wyatt's and would rather have more something else.

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I'm not too excited about destiny anymore either. I thought the beta was fun but the whole game seems too focused on MP for me. That said I am very excited for my white PS4. I need a game to go along with the new system and this is as good as anything for now, along with ps plus games. The game looks good and does play very well. I'm not a big COD player but I do always like to have one in my library so when I want to shoot people I can. So I get my new system, AAA game and a place for MP.

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How does anyone, but those who work at bungie know that its bigger than borderlands?

Also borderlands let 4 player play coop at a time that's one more than destiny. You may be able to have more players in the tower but you don't do anything in the tower. Once you get half way through most missions they cut you off from everyone else so there is only your fire team.

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Seeing the new COD trailers and stuff from E3 it looks real good. COD has been doing the same thing for years, which isn't that bad cause they have been slowly tweaking it. I have no faith in Battlefield working properly. Even after beta I have no idea what the focus of destiny is MP or single player.

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@nasp: It's missing the "massively" part. Even the tower, which is the most densely populated area of the game, is capped at 16 players.

I agree totally, I wasn't sure if it was internet or not (it's been fucked all week) but I rarely run into people. I've done public events with 1 or two more people and tried to take one on by myself. I joined Lincoln force clan but that in no way helped me hook up with player in game.

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I would like it to be easier to get into fire teams like in devil's lair mission were they start you off in a team I would atleast like the option to do it everytime