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I only play COD every few months for a night. sometimes I just want to run around and shoot stuff. My biggest problem/complaint is the people who play everyday and know every corner of every map. I hate the people who have all the best weapons and know where every grenade will bounce. I don't play enough to care usually, I'm going to have my fun and than walk away. I do think camping sounds boring, but whatever. I will try to find way around to get even or just fuck around, I don't take it seriously.

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I love movies where something is going to crash into the Earth and destroy everything. I reall just want to see someone playing the president going on tv to explain that the world is going to end.

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yes yes yes

I would love to see some kind of crazy rare odd jrpg. I would love for the new guys to do it too, that will be great way for us to get to know them better.

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I was really hoping they were going to use this match with no champion to get new belt or get rid of one, cause two belts that are one title is fucking stupid.

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We have an open spot currently, if there are any Duders out there playing this game come join the Vinn Co. alliance. We are almost to the max of 20 players per alliance so now is the time to join.

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Miami, fl

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Haven't heard anything about this. So if I join Lincoln Force does that mean I will see more people from Lincoln force playing? Cause they can't put everyone on the same server right? does this mean we will all on same server?

I am excited about destiny, Haven't got PS4 yet so I preordered the white one when I saw it during Sony show.

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loved it, Brad did great. He still may be behind Vinny's old man podcast (I'm old) and Jeff who's a natural host but he did great. I've never heard Drew's racing podcast, but I would listen to more of Brad hosted podcasts. By the way 8-4 pre E3 hype train show is always one of the best podcasts every year. The post E3 one was kind of crazy and all over, but HYPE TRAIN is the best.

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I haven't watched the nintendo one yet but I did see the other 4. I don't think there is anything that nintendo could do to make me pick them either. I picked sony, let me start with MS. I thought MS did a great job of showing games one after another. I picked sony cause I thought they also did a good job showing games and talked about the future and other things. Maybe if MS went on longer they would have thrown in more stuff. I thought sony had everything including some boring stuff about business.

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Halo collection looks like and sounds like a great thing but I'm not going back and redoing all of that again, but great collection. I've been interested in dragon age and it looks good. I'm already hooked in on it, so I'm happy with what I've seen. I thought the whole EA thing was terrible. I thought the division was same trailer but from the other angle as last year, I'm losing interest. I want to see something huge from destiny, nothing cool yet.