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I had been wondering since sting grabbed Steph's arm who would be the first guy to hit her. At some point if she is going to keep running her mouth someone has to hit her. I think she does a good job on the mic, but you can't keep talking shit and slapping people and not expect to get hit. Even for wwe a guy hitting a women would look bad, but they have to do it at some point, right?

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NXT is easily my favorite show of the week. This weeks episode was pretty week, Owens fight was fine. I assumed it was cause they were doing another show before mania. I am highly upset now to find out though that, that show will not be aired?

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march doesn't look that bad if you put this list out next month it would look terrible. I'm sure I will find thing to play. I never played borderlands presequal so if nothing else, I can play more borderlands.

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Choo Choo mother fuckers, by far the greatest cut. Wouldn't think someone was going to come with something better than team GFB. GFB's last chance is for Dr track suit to something hot.

This whole stupid thing is great.

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After watching QL, I'm done with this game. I have no interest in watching or playing this game. Maybe I will rent it some day if I run out of other good games to play.

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I guess I did forget to include a choice for people who don't care about the game either way. For me personally I haven't seen anything that I thought was worthy of the hype the game was getting. Part of the reason I want to see some of it is to see what the game is all about. The QL may be enough for me. I haven't heard anyone really talking about the story being some great work, but maybe I'm wrong.

I don't think I can edit poll to add another option for people who don't give a shit.

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I've got some old games to get through along with going back to finish dragon age at some point. Nothing I've seen of this game so far has that interested. At some point down the road if I hear good news and reviews about game maybe.

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I usually do most stuff but am fine not getting 100%. I'm not going to spend extra time to get everything but easily get side tracked if its near by.

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mizdow for the win... somehow cause of miz

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I now have an exotic bounty which I can't complete cause I need to do weekly or nightfall, both of which are locked behind DLC. We will see what comes up next week in the rotation but I'm guess it will be DLC mission again.