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How does anyone, but those who work at bungie know that its bigger than borderlands?

Also borderlands let 4 player play coop at a time that's one more than destiny. You may be able to have more players in the tower but you don't do anything in the tower. Once you get half way through most missions they cut you off from everyone else so there is only your fire team.

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Seeing the new COD trailers and stuff from E3 it looks real good. COD has been doing the same thing for years, which isn't that bad cause they have been slowly tweaking it. I have no faith in Battlefield working properly. Even after beta I have no idea what the focus of destiny is MP or single player.

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@nasp: It's missing the "massively" part. Even the tower, which is the most densely populated area of the game, is capped at 16 players.

I agree totally, I wasn't sure if it was internet or not (it's been fucked all week) but I rarely run into people. I've done public events with 1 or two more people and tried to take one on by myself. I joined Lincoln force clan but that in no way helped me hook up with player in game.

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I would like it to be easier to get into fire teams like in devil's lair mission were they start you off in a team I would atleast like the option to do it everytime

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I do feel that destiny plays great, and is a better pure shooter than borderlands. I guess I'm not sure what people were grinding for in beta? first, they said you will not be keeping your progress so I never put much thought into what I kept. I switched weapons alot but there are only a few different kinds and personally thought shotguns and handcannons were bad. I liked the fusion rifle. Also the whole idea of limited heavy ammo seems a bit much, through a whole strike mission I'm only given/found 150 rounds for my machine gun. I've played rounds of multiplayer and never gotten a single heavy ammo or I'm shot as I get it than its gone.

My biggest concern now about destiny is that there seems to be more of a focus on multiplayer than story. If leveling remains the way it is now, level 20 will not take long to get to. They need or want everyone to get there though so mutliplayer is more balanced I would think. I enjoy some multiplayer from time to time, buts not why I buy a game. I'm also unsure why they didn't show more modes in beta. They announced the iron banner and I went to see, and its same old control on a different map. Does anyone know if they have announced all the different games modes?

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@Levius said:

Just played a few hours. As I expected, Destiny feels like a Borderlands-ass, Borderlands clone, and I really don't like Borderlands. It's a shame as clearly they have put a bunch of work into the game, oh well.

I love borderlands and I don't see it. In borderlands there is loot dropping every second. There are more levels of enemies. You are allowed to do more than one mission at a time. The look and goofiness is everywhere, but destiny wants to look like future wasteland, and I thought moon looked like old russia in different color. The story in borderlands may be complete stupidity but there is much more story there, now I've played 2 whole games of borderlands and only a beta of destiny I know. I just don't like the comparisons I think destiny is more like Halo or even COD set in future space. At this point I more interested in the presequal than destiny...maybe. At least in borderlands I will know what I;m getting plus new elemental effects. Also moon has low gravity and you need to worry about air.

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I did forget about witcher 3 but I played the others on my PC. I never got hooked into the demon souls so bloodborne isn't too important to me. No man's sky does look great even if I still am unsure of what that game is about even after all the stuff on gamespot about it. Uncharted 4 and maybe the order, once I see more of it, are games I would be into. As a guy in his 30's I was looking at this as potentially my last system. I will always have a PC and will always be playing games, but its hard to think of keeping my ps3 around for another 5 years. At some point if I don't get a PS4 soon, I never will. Who knows maybe I come across so extra cash in the next month and than it will not matter. Its the thought of I'm going to spend this money in Sept. having to much time to think about isn't a good thing.

I have no faith that new star wars game will any good, but its also probably 2 years away.

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I thought he was fine than all these food issues started coming up, and I"m not sure you can trust a guy who has never had mayo.

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I currently have a white PS4 destiny bundle preordered cause I was thinking it be the perfect time to upgrade. I've been playing destiny beta and while I like the game I'm not sure if its worth the large investment of new console. I was just wondering what games are coming out to PS4 in the future that people excited. I plan on getting destiny, but if I get ps3 version I can dragon age, new shoes, lords of waterdeep board game, and $100 worth of steam games and still save money.

When are games going to be just new generation?

What games are you looking forward to on PS4? destiny, dragon age, what else?

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I liked what I've played of beta, I'm level 8 so I played all it has to offer. My thoughts are i'm unsure if this is really going to make me buy PS4. I like the game, and it seems to play great. My biggest complaint so far has to do with problems getting into strike teams with people. Also the game seems very mulitplayer focused, iron banner just opened up but really its just control on another map. While the idea of taking the same player from game to multiplayer seems great it going to make it hard to add extra content down the line I would think. I'm in on destiny, just unsure about PS4 upgrade yet..