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@donpixel: I agree with the way you feel. lots of people ask me why I haven't just bought DLC if I still play game. My answer is I don't want to give money to bungie or anyone else and let them think that they are doing something right. Destiny is probably worse case of game getting cut down fast, 6 months and forcing you to pay more if you still want to play. Fuck that. People need to talk with the only thing that matters, cash. I would love to know the numbers on DLC, who bought it before game came out and who bought it afterwards and total number. I'm sure bungie thinks DLC is great cause they made lots of money.

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now new iron banner also locked behind DLC.

one more piece of content lost without DLC

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@jesus_phish: I haven't had trouble or longer waits to get into pvp games really. I have seen more games with lower player counts though. Has I said above too, I am doing much better in pvp too cause hardcore players have moved on.

@zevvion: The join fireteam button is just grayed out for everyone on my friends list when they are doing anything on dlc.

@legion_: I'm not buying DLC cause I don't think its any good, and even though I still play I'm not going to give my money for something I don't believe is any good. I play pvp when I feel like shooting people, I haven't gotten any other good one for my ps4 yet. I might have bought just the maps for $5-10. I play dailys and weeklys when I turn on the game and usually do raid once a week. I also might pay $5 for new raid. However I'm not going to just cave and pay bungie cause this why we end up with crappy dlc deals. People buy season passes before game even comes out, a bungie accountant is going to look at the numbers and go "we could have charged more."

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@hunkulese: this isn't an MMO.

I was highly upset that when I turned destiny on yesterday I couldn't do daily weekly or nightfall all locked behind dlc. Now I understand they want to rotate new levels, but why have all 3 be dlc at the same time. I did buy new 32 gloves, I've been stuck at 29 for long time. I'm interested to see if I will be able to get to 32 without buying dlc, if so that's something they messed up. Borderlands made it so you had to buy certain part of dlc to get more levels. The idiots at bungie finally changed vendors equipment and just put level 32 stuff up for sell. I am sure this was a mistake on their part.

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Try going to a different map. Even if you can close some rifts on a certain map doesn't mean you can close them all. What I've been doing is going to area doing whatever I come across and when I find someone to tough I just leave and go somewhere else. I have been doing most story missions towards the high end of recommendation, and haven't had many problems.

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I think Sera is great, she is almost always in my party. Jar of bees is fine, I have her throw it at people whenever I remember. I think it sounds better than it is, I have it leveled up but some wasps too. I have to think that you lose all the friends of Jenny missions too. There has been two or three things I've come across while on other missions that say "friend of Jenny."

She is very talkative, not everything is great.

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Yes I like destiny, I think its fun to shoot people. Is it a good enough game for me to give bungie more money, NO. I log in today to find what: Daily, Weekly and Nightfall ALL locked behind DLC. Sure bungie want to put dlc levels into rotation fine, but all 3 on same day.....FUCKED.

By the way I also believe that I'm going to get me guy to level 32 without dlc. I had been stuck at 29 need one more piece of raid ear to get to 30. I've already bought level 32 gloves meaning not only will I be able to get to 30 but I should be able to past it without dlc. Bungie and there 17 different forms of currency have finally worked in my favor.

Also I'm doing much better in pvp now that all the fanatics have moved on to dlc. I would like to keep playing but bungie is making it pretty hard.

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I am excited for this game and would like to play it. In all the videos I've seen though I've never seen a player interact with anything. I would be happy if they put a video of someone just farming material. I would be even more happy if they put out a video of someone shooting anything moving.

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I am a knight enchanter mage. I switch up the party a lot, basically every time I travel I switch it around. With that said I roll with Sera almost always. Iron bull mostly or Cassandra. I just talked to Dorian, cause of glitch before patch every time I talked to him game froze. I really like the party chat so I try to switch things around a lot. The only down side is when I'm listening to something else and than they start talking.

I've never found blackwell, I randomly jump between places so there must have been some quest I never finished.

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I now changing my last level headed posting.

Fuck Bungie! this week's heroic and nightfall missions are in DLC, which means I can't play them. This will also mean going forward they there will be many of this missions I will not be able to play, and when the next part of DLC comes out even more I will not be able to play. I was fine with the idea of you want more stuff give us more money. However, they are now basically taking things I've had away unless I give them more money. FUCK THAT.