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mizdow for the win... somehow cause of miz

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I now have an exotic bounty which I can't complete cause I need to do weekly or nightfall, both of which are locked behind DLC. We will see what comes up next week in the rotation but I'm guess it will be DLC mission again.

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how much does one thing have to do with another? I'm not buying current DLC cause it doesn't seem worth it to me. If comet is just another DLC will I be able to get it and just skip this current stuff? They really seem to be messing with base game too much with each DLC, seems like it would be easier to release new game. If they charge you 1/3 the cost the original than one would think comet would be atleast $30-40. If its $40, just release new game starting over.

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My biggest point is not whether or not you like destiny as a game but how much the DLC has screwed those of us who didn't buy it but want to keep playing the game. There are easy ways the could not fucked us so much:

1. Rather than making daily, weekly, and nightfalls DLC missions you could have just added another mission type to choose from. Even if you put DLC missions into daily just make sure that not all 3 are DLC at same time.

2. Youi could have Xur sell some stuff for both DLC players and non DLC players or just make a new guy selling stuff.

They made a separate PvP mode for DLC, which is great. Let those people go off on their own. I just really feel as if they have taken content away from me, and that's what pisses me off the most.

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New this week in screwing the people who didn't buy DLC........ Xur is selling stuff that can only be bought if you own DLC. Never mind the fact that I have the coins and any other of the dozen currencies destiny has, but Xur requires to have DLC to buy any new equipment from him. I can however trade in old stuff to upgrade to new DLC level stuff. I still thank DLC for letting me get to level 30 cause I was stuck on 29. Now i can just buy equipment getting me to 30.




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was just flipping channels and had to stop on QVC when I saw that they were playing games. They are currently selling xbox one for $500 in deal you get what they are calling "2 assassin creed games." black flag and unity and "All the halo games with preview of next game" master chief edition. seems like you only get one controller and no kinect, which was a surprise to me. All and all if you wanted an xbone this seems like a good deal. turn your tv to qvc

whatever you think of those games that's easily $150 worth of games means console is only $350.

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I like quiz show podcast. good job brain and NPR ask me another are both good. each is around an hour and there is lots of trivia and humor along the way.

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odd list seems like you skipped almost every big AAA title. Not to say they're great but you passed on all of them.

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@donpixel: I agree with the way you feel. lots of people ask me why I haven't just bought DLC if I still play game. My answer is I don't want to give money to bungie or anyone else and let them think that they are doing something right. Destiny is probably worse case of game getting cut down fast, 6 months and forcing you to pay more if you still want to play. Fuck that. People need to talk with the only thing that matters, cash. I would love to know the numbers on DLC, who bought it before game came out and who bought it afterwards and total number. I'm sure bungie thinks DLC is great cause they made lots of money.

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now new iron banner also locked behind DLC.

one more piece of content lost without DLC