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I'm using Chrome 43.0.2357.65 m, Addblock disabled for, im a premium member though anyway. My Problem is, i can not watch half the videos while others work perfectly fine. For example: i can not watch the Black Mesa Unfinished (the video simply never does start to play), but the Witcher QL works perfectly fine. On the same not, i can not watch any streams anymore, they have the same problem as the Black Mesa video, there's no playback.

I started to notice this when GBEast did their third Castlevania stream, couldn't watch that, and the following UPF either. As far as i can tell before then everything worked perfectly fine.

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my first frame was excalibur in closed beta (u5 i think?), played till u7(? when they introduced the winter tileset, sry cant really remember), then a lot of saryn just because i liked her look, not because i knew what i was doing... became a founder, played more excalibur (prime), had to go to hospital for a pretty damn long time... totally forgot about warframe and the QL reintroduced me... now im back, joined bbb a few eweks ago and playing all kinds of frames, i have to catch up...

my currently most used frame is nyx prime, she is also my favourite... close second is my speed-nova, then trinity...

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i vote for number 2

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i'd like an invite if there's still room

username is "BombaLuigi"


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@monkey523: no need to be upset... take a chill pill, play solo mode and have fun, everything's fine...

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@fisk0 said:

@japanesebuffalo said:

@bombaluigi: Why should a game cater to what you think it should be for everyone?

I think that ;) implied some sarcasm.

kind of, yes, but at the same time my honest opinion is that the game actually IS better as an online game, rather than offline... hauling valueable stuff arround while every other player arround you can kill/rob you is tense and fun... npc's in elite are not fun, they are absurdly stupid and exploitable... and therefore boring...

On a sidenote, i can't wait for the "omg it haz to be online allze time!!!" outcry(s) regarding no mans sky and star citizen...


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"which tries to spin the move as critical to maintaining the game's core focus on a connected online experience. Elite: Dangerous might very well benefit from an online-only experience [...]"


Go Play Solo-Mode. It's like the most boring, safe, carebear'ish experience one could get out of a game called "Dangerous". As far as i am concerned, they could... no, they should drop Solo-Mode too, it just advertises carebearing. The game is called "Elite: Dangerous" ffs, not "Elite: Safe Space Trade Simulator"...

Playing Elite, in its current form, without other players is like Battlefield MP without other players. You explore the Map, you try out the different vehicles. And after you've seen it all, you'll uninstall it and never ever touch it again.

I get the Server concerns, and its valid, but the majority of people crying right now about the lack of an offline mode are the same guys that did nothing but mine Veldspar in EVE until they could get their first T1 fitted Drake, to finally be able to do a Level 3 Mission, yay!


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endless legend and divinity orignal sin both come to mind