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sorry, dude...

i've lost my first character too, she was level 5 or something, so not a big deal... my current one is 42 tho, and if i lose her, i will never ever touch this game again... probably it will be the first game that i actually throw away... the cloud situation, especially since EVERY MISSION/RACE/PIECE OF S* IN THIS GAME IS INSTANCED AND PLAYER-HOSTED, is unacceptable...why does the cloud save my snapmatic photos, but not my character progress? why is the camera even functional while the bawsaq is offline? its just a f'ing mess...
oh, and i've lost almost 150k$ in car upgrades till now, too... yeah, gtao is fun...

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same shit, different game...

imagine the outrage if you actually had to torture a women in gtav... imagine the outrage if the women would've been topless, it would've been glorious...

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any stream available for this? :/

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hallo mnz :F

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its not coke, cock, cough or whatever... its koch... and despite what anyone in this thread is saying, we pronounce it "Kọch", its actually the german word for "cook"

if you actually want to hear how we pronounce it, you should check

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5 Stars incoming

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The Guys behind EVE Online and the upcoming DUST 514


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relic :/

fuck your fucking drawing board thq

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i still play it, mainly the pvp part... im starving for new warzones tho.