Posted by LordAndrew

You know what? I have yet to hear of  anyone who didn't like Princess Debut. I guess the people who wouldn't like it had the sense not to buy it. :)

Posted by DraconisPrime

Trying to please everyone else will just leave you feeling more miserable. I hope you figure it all out as soon as you can. You are not your sister's husband.  I will look at the reviews. 

Posted by Bruce

The DS shall turn me into a pretty princess. And also brace me for years of gender confusion related therapy.

Posted by DBoy

Glad you're feeling a little better.  As for those reviews, they are very good.  Nice work.

Posted by RenegadeSaint

Princess Debut!  I know nothing about the contents of the game, but I'm excited nonetheless.  Make sure you link us when you're done with it.

Posted by c1337us

Good to see that you are feeling better. And I have heard nothing about good things for Princess Debut. Sounds like a good present for my sister that I can have a go of myself abd see what the fuss is about. Got to get ready for work in about 9 minutes so I will check out your reviews afterwards. (5:06am right now). I am sure that they are great as usual.

Posted by DrCLos

Nice reviews. I don't think some of those games will suit me quite well (Fashion Solitaire) but Unsolved Crimes might be interesting. :)