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Not Really. But there might be if you actually read the e-mails they're talking about. Anywho, I'ma go with Victorian England, rather than Egypt. Both are really good choices though.

Victorian England would be great if they could include key characters. Jack the Ripper, Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde, MOTHER-FUCKING GUY FAWKES!!! COME ON!!!

This is two-hundred-year-undead Guy Fawkes we're talking about, right?

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As a northerner, I'm contractually required to enjoy beer. It comes with the flat cap and the whippet.

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In terms of novels, I've only ever read the Gaunt's Ghosts series. I can heartily recommend them. I'll second Jeffsekei on them being perhaps the best place to begin. They really communicate a sense of the scale of the setting at the level of the average human. I mainly read the codices and White Dwarf for my fluff, didn't really get much further into the novels. I've heard good things about Eisenhorn as well. Basically, I'd give most anything by Dan Abnett a go.