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Someone must have talked about "UFO : Extraterrestrials" ??? I have a copy.. but never got to play it yet.. but it's just like xcom.. It's win , DirectX9c.

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@FancySoapsMan said:

@bris_guy: Do you mean Might and Magic Clash of Heroes?

That's on PC as well.

I think thats it.. I didn't know it was on PC.. In the same ver anyway.. I have played the other games in the serires on PC.. Heroes of might and magic.. 1-8? around there...

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"Dawn of Heroes" is a turn based aswell for the DS.. But not that easy. You do get to buy stuff and outfit your people. There is a heroes of might and magic turn based for the DS.. Can't remember the full name..

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It's a shame the 3DS doesn't have more turn based or RTS games. Even the DS only had a few.. I bought my 3DS after seeing shadow wars... Pitty there isn't a second... Or a new Advanced wars for 3DS.... Maybe somthing will pop up for the Wii U. Imagine a full TV screen full...

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"Shadow wars" for 3DS is great!!!! Tad short... But gets mega hard in the end! Well worth it. There is another called i think "Feild commander" for the PSP. It's like advance wars for the GBA/DS/DSL. I have no idea how i originaly found it.. but its a load of fun. "Mytan wars" for the PSP is also a mech type turn based statagey. I love it to.. Never finished it yet... There is "mech commander" for PC.. Never played it.. but worth a look.