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Haze .. piece of hyped crap

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Chinesepod.. Learn mandarin people!.. Otherwise you will be behind!

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Mustard, Horse Radish, Dijon, Honey mustard .. I have a whole cupboard devoted to this stuff!

Its incredible.. you can use it with chicken, pork , beef .. but veal especially my friend..

ts a very versatile ingredient.. kinda like the potatoes of condiments

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Do you have that Downloading game settings issue?.. At times you are not able to go online don't hit private match until you fix it.. otherwise it freezes.. well for me at least

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You've gotta admit its come a long way since the guy who would scream as*hole in gta1.. in varying tones

Violence in a game is still not real, swearing though is. You're right it probably adds to the realism of the game, though a Russian immigrant that is able to speak perfect English is not exactly realistic.. obviously nobody would buy the game if it was entirely in russian.. but you know what I mean.

I have a home theatre system .. and it sucks when you just want to enjoy driving around/doing stunts/listening to the yet again amazing soundtrack or as chililili put it .. running over strippers.. causes so much of a stir.

Well its 1am..  and that means GTA

Enjoy your profanity children.

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Feltzer .. best looking car in the game!

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1. Grim Fandango
2. The Monkey Island series.

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The scariest game I've ever played* well not really played but watched.. was alone in the dark 1/2.. but then again I was 8 .

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My favourite has got to be either Packie/Little jacob
But I think Dimitri has got a nice one too.. sounds sly and cool.. exactly how a mobster would.

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Whats with the swearing in this game ..  I cant go 2 seconds without somebody cursing at me. It's the main reason I don't play it often, If I do its just awkward while the family is around.  It gets to the point where I put the volume so low I can barely hear the music/voices .. or completely turn off the SFX which is pointless.

I wish Rockstar would've toned the  profanity down.