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Fellow canadians .. Haze is selling for $15 new and $9.99 used at ebgames
Now the only question is that if its worth 10$ .. I'm going to take that risk.

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That's pretty awesome actually

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Nathan! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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oh god no

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Woohoo! completed it yesterday

You have to run like hell to the small room before 3rd and 4th 88's. Sounds easy but all those germans are in your way. Best bet is to toss a couple of molotovs and ditch your current weapon for either a MP40 or Pistol, then make a run for it, mowing down anybody in your way :). The weapon I was using slowed me down tremedously..

Anyways now to play it again on normal, just to experience it without the frustration

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Has anybody completed this level on veteran? I'm stuck just after you blow up the second 88 gun. I know I have to make it to the little room on the right, but its impossible with the tons of grenades and respawning  jerries.

I've been stuck on this for about 3hrs now and I know I'm missing something simple. If you have completed this level on vet .. share your knowledge!

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Im playing the game at veteran, and man let me tell you it is brutal. Grenades get hurled at you by the dozen and even passing the smallest areas which should cause no difficulties tend to be extremely hard! Even though it gets frustrating, its really rewarding when you complete a mission.

2 things I learned from playing on veteran:
1. Id probably survive 10 seconds in a real war
2. Dont go Rambo, slow down.

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How come there isnt one with the whole gang

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if you guys communicate.. add me up! PSN:brocool

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Good movie.. just a bit more action!