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You already heard about the DPFix by the same Duder, who made the Dark Souls Fix - "unlocking" the resolution for the game.

Current version is 0.2 Alpha - crashes for some folks. [Edit] Scratch that. Version 0.3 Beta is live, with some improvements:

  • Fixed normal mapping/lighting of many surfaces in the game (this is a big one)
  • Fixed minimap location
  • Added windowed mode (in addition to fullscreen and borderless windowed fullscreen modes), since it was requested

[Edit: I had some graphical errors with the 0.3 (for the first time) and the latest NVIDIA Drivers 331.65 on Windows 7 32bit. Your mileage may vary.]

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Beyond that I managed to dump the DSFix 2.1 and 2.2 - also works. If your PC can handle it, I highly recommend that you use the "downsampling" method to further improve the visual quality. Let the game render internally at a double (or triple) rate, than what you see on your display. I managed to make the game render in 5760x3240 while it displayed 1920x1080px. I also managed to run the game on triple monitors, but the aspect ratio and FOV did not scale. There is an easy fix already in the making for the "widescreen" fans, among us.

Without, and ...
... with BLOOM via ENB Series DirectX D3D9 injection (both versions, running in higher internal rendering resolution = downsampling)
The 3D effect via NVIDIA 3D Vision is decent. You don't need the FPS crosshair since the games very own "laser" & target rectangle work well.

I also managed to run the game in STEREOSCOPIC 3D (only color anaglyph version), but the effect on PC is not that great. The game engine cannot handle z-buffer/depth beyond the lowest settings. So the "3D-effect" is only rudimentary.

On top of THAT, you can haz Boris Vorontsov's ENB Series custom baked D3D9.dlls running by simply putting it in the exe directory of the DP game. As always, you can adjust the enbseries.ini file to enhance the available effects (not all of them work). You have to experiment. You can choose between different versions, he made for specific games, which often work with other games, or you can download the vanilla version.

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If you are familiar with the ATI and NVIDIA tools, you can also use something like Nvidia Inspector etc, to attempt to "force" settings in the game. Might not work.

It seems, at some point, somebody with a lot of free time will come along and replace the textures with HD textures - think of SKYRIM MODDERS. There is no reason, why this won't happen in the future. Don't look at me! I'm already wasting too much time writing THIS thing, here!

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I hear people talking a lot of smack about the PC port of this game. They all must be very young. I am older than Jeff or any of the GB Duders and my experience is different. I see a decent port of a console game, without any PC specific "enhancements" - true - but the controls work fine, the game does not crash (for me), the game has no game-stopping bugs, and I even LIKE THE GRAPHICS (as in rendering, as in DOF effect, lighting, etc).

Not to mention, that PC people get to play one of the most bizarre* and controversial games**, from the last couple years. Enjoy your stay in Greenvale.

Cell-Shading effects enhanced via color anaglyph stereoscopic 3D.
Non-Luchadeer - but 3D TV ZZZZzzzz!!!

DSFix & DPFix:http://blog.metaclassofnil.com

Boris Voronotsov's ENB Series: http://www.enbdev.com/download.htm

*) according to Game "Critics" ... (source: Wikipedia).

**) according to the Guinness Book of Records ... (source: Wikipedia).

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... speaking of "overclocking" - if somebody out there is speculating on overclocking the HASWELL - a major German tech magazine (heise.de) did try just that and went through lots of pain. The result was 15%(!) of stable OC, but with heavy cooling efforts. They tested different mainboard(chips) with it.

At this point - not recommended. Just FYI, if you - like me - are looking for new CPUs/Mainboards.

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Intel® Core™ i7-920 Processor has apparently 2.66 GHz, doing 4.80 GT/s Intel® QPI.

It COULD be the CPU - below 3GHz - even Intel Quadcores - might slow down, if there's lots of CPU heavy lifting to calculate. It's not that your system has not enough power; it's rather the games not being "optimized" enough to run better. But I would doubt it in your case.

Sleepy Dogs & Skyrim do tend to stress the CPU(s) more than the GPU. Saints 3 should not push neither.

I would run some system tests with Sandra or equal performance testing tools, to find out where or what can drag your framerate down. BIOS/UEFI settings can do the trick. Defragging the harddrive helps sometimes too ... the usual suspects. Overclocking or buying a new CPU should be the last resort?

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Fellow Duders & Duderettes ... and everyone in between, above or on the sidelines,

while you all are playing the Battlefield 4 Beta, let me tell you about my painful journey through hell in a war against the console friendly HUD that was layed upon me, ever since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare entered the Theater of War and DICE (and others) chose to join them.

What good is all the deferred rendering, the DX11.0 extravaganza and all the "immersive" gameplay, when it is layed upon me and YOU and ALL of us, that we have to live with this layer of overlay that is the crosshair and HUD, I ask!

I cannot turn it off. I cannot ignore it neither.

It is like somebody would hold you by the hand, all of the time, while telling you, how you are a "grown man" and "it's your choice" and "good job", yet always petting you fatherly over the head ... with the ever-present HUD!

Apocalypse Now - DICE style?

Do you like to watch a movie, like - let's say APOCALYPSE NOW, with a HUD present, all the time? Of course, you would! ... if your name is Vinny? But even he, I assume, would get tired after the 2nd or 3rd time and then, it still will be there. Here. Present. Unavoidable. Always reminding you, how much this is a "video game", even worse! - a "kid" game - no matter, the difficulty level.

So, I ask you, if I may -

is there any way to get rid of this, in any way?

I speak binary, I can inject hex, I know how to bake or recompile a library.

At the moment, the HUD only disappears in Multiplayer Hardcore mode without manipulations - so people say. But I want it gone, in the campaign mode. Console commands don't work (anymore), since there is no access to the dev/console. There is a "widescreen fix", manipulating the D3D9.dll but not compatible or rather not working. Adding HUD=false to the settings.ini didn't do the trick, nor can I force "renderer.drawHud 0" anywhere into the game. Some googlebinging directed me to obsolete forum topics, with "solutions" that are not applicable anymore, as of now, October 2013. I am running the game in Win7 32bit and 64bit.

Any help, would be appreciated. Random comments, because you are bored - less, so. But hey, it's GB, not the helpless EA Support. I get it.

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I was thinking about this for a couple weeks now, but never bothered to try it, before today:

1. It works

2. No significant performance hit.

3. Adjustments necessary (shadows on low ... I am still in the "work-in-progress" discovery phase of fine-tuning the settings for myself)

If you have a NVIDIA card and either a 3D Ready monitor or any other method to play 3D enabled games, give it a try?

Of course, Strategy Games, are not the most inviting video games for 3D gaming. Menus, clicking on units, etc ... is not "optimal", but such a cinematic game like Rome II - when it comes to battles - makes it worth trying?

Btw, I also played Rome I recently in 3D. While it is not "officially" recommended, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Table top wargaming figurines in the hundreds on your monitor screen - it is quite nice, and made me revisit the game again.

To "see" something in these screenshots beyond a blurry mess, you will need stereoscopic colour anaglyph (cyan-red) 3D glasses. NVIDIA even supports this kind of stereoscopic 3D, if you don't have more sophisticated forms of 3D settings. Those (plastic) glasses are available for 5-10 quid?

Some more screenshots - cuz - why not?

Meanwhile, NVIDIA seems to have released an "official" in-game recommendation about the Rome 2 3D Vision settings. According to them the overall status for 3D support is "good".

They recommend turning down the shadows and post-processing. Also, turning off "alpha-vegetation" (duh!)

This is really not something you want to do while playing multiplayer, or even single player battles. But if you want to watch a replay now and then, I can highly recommend it!

Some 2D effects stand out in the flat kind of way. Mostly "smoke", sometimes even clouds, although they look volumetric in regular 3D mode. The shadows in most games are so-and-so. I guess John Carmacks "stencil-shadow" method would be pixel-perfect for these kind of 3D effects? All in all, I am surprised how good this works.

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Someone on the webdev team thought it would be a neat idea to keep loading pictures instead breaking the page. Someone seems to have 32GB of System Memory and doesn't mind?

I do.

Anyone know a way to batch-edit (or even delete!) 100+ pictures without letting them load in the browser first? A text-based browser doesn't work with this fancy javascript **** future, we now live in.

At least, I am so polite to NOT ask, WHY one would think, dynamic page loading was a "good idea". I guess, it reduces server-load and page-hits? And I thought page-hits is what you all are looking for? Maybe I am just old, and don't understand the web.

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@fisk0: True. I really hope Gearbox & 2K Games are not going to mess this up. I trusted the dev team behind Shipbreakers, First Wave.

Chris Roberts announced earlier today, Space Citizen reached 19 Million Dollars. Gearbox Software bought the rights to the Homeworld franchise for 1.35 Million Dollars.

WE (fans) could have bought it?!! I am still grieving.

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Baldur's Gate HD? Age of Empires HD? Duke Nukem HD ... and now Homeworld 1 and 2 (but not Cataclysm!) HD??? ... "HD" has become the new marketing lingo darling?

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate the attempt to bring the best (and I mean THE BEST!!) video games back into the hands of gamers! 1999 was a magic year, btw?

For many people it is different things, for me, Homeworld was one of those games, defining the space ... and the space opera.

Let's hope Randy "Magicfingers" is not going to split the Blackbird Interactive team, which is working on the successor to the Homeworld games right now, to make them recompile some assets for the re-release.

Hearing though, the audio will be remixed from the original uncompressed files and the music /soundtrack finally released for us to buy (why did THAT never happened before? Did those games sell THAT bad?), leaves me half excited and half worried. Especially, when it comes to messing with the code and gameplay. "Polishing" ain't true to the original. George Lucas knows.

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The reason for this post ... right: if you happen to own your copies of Homeworld, Homeworld Cataclysm and Homeworld 2, you can have them running in "High Definition" - as in above the specs resolution.

I am running the original Homeworld and Homeworld 2 on multiple monitors, by simple switches. I tested even Homeworld 2 on Windows 8!! ( /spit) and it runs. Only Homeworld Cataclysm denied me the pleasure of running above it's highest settings. Any variation works as long as you don't try something above 1600x1200.

I do hope "Hardware First Wave aka Homeworld 3" will consider crazy people like me or Chris Roberts, who like to play their space operas on multiple monitors. Just don't forget to make the FOV in game customizable and don't "lock" the aspect ratio or screen resolution. Let us edit your lua-files, if it's going to be a retail game? I am not asking for modding tools ... not yet.

And here are some random screenshot I made minutes ago. The original files are in 5760x1080 and around 6-10MB big. I had to butcher them, for the GB database.

You get the idea. This strategy game uses full 360 degrees. You can attack from beneath, from above, etc ... since 1999. No 'fake' plane you are bound to. If you have not played any Homeworld game until now, find it and play it! Or, really wait until it is re-released next year(?) on Steam. Some fans are probably still writing their fan-fiction around Karan S'jet and Makaan, also known as Sajuuk-khar

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Even as a fan of Rome 2 as it is - unlike many others - I would say the game atm, is in such a fragile, volatile stage, has so many complex systems running underneath, that any mod will have a hard time 'changing' things.

You have to first understand what you are dealing with, before having an idea what you want to change ... and more importantly why? And only THEN can you actually try to? But, no doubt, the TW modders are some of the most experienced and dedicated around. I am interested to see, what they can do - even if it will take 2-3 years.

I would love to see a Crusader Kings 2 Mod for TW Rome 2! Some of the game logic and mechanics already in Rome 2 (champions, spies, assassination, marriage, etc) fleshed out in full throttle, CK2 style, on the campaign map. I would play that. As much as I love CK2, the Excel spreadsheet roots of that type of game, going back to the 1980s, is kind of hard to deal with, as I grow older ... and my life drains out. I am tired of having to read through endless rows of stats (in many games), before I can make my moves.

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The lack of discussion on Giantbomb when it comes to Strategy games is sad. But that's how it is. We few around here know that.

Luckily there are other places to discuss the intricacies of Gary Gatsby's "War in the East", or why "Europa Universalis IV" is a great game.

This is not an ego trip, it's just the only thing I have done so far, I want to share. I rarly do anything but make 1000 screenshots in GTA IV - and delete them. But I was fed up reading all this negative comments on Rome 2. People trying to out-yell each other, turning it into a competition, who could scream louder than "Angry Joe". I wanted to counter that, with evidence of what was my own, very different, experience. I did not write a game guide, I did not write a glowing fan review, or articles, nor made "Let's Play" videos, (to make 10$ from people, forcing them to watch YouTube ads, before they see another guy playing and babbling nonsense over a game). Not my thing.

The amount of negative comments and threads on totalwar.com and on Steam - justified or not - made me question, if I accidently bought a different game. Or maybe had a different "build" installed.

"Not every game can be everything to everyone all the time" #iquotemyselfalot

I was amazed by Rome II, Day 1. I understand, veteran players and Rome I enthusiasts, disagree with many changes in this new version. They have extreme opinions about the Game AI, although this topic is almost as complex as it is to write proper pointers in C or debug multithreaded C++ code, featuring "undocumented behavior". Every casual "Go" player beats the most sophisticated AI to this day. Why do you think, many game devs prefer to make "multiplayer only" games? One major headache less ... I digress.

After the latest patch, this game seems to have become more playable to many other people, I hear. Maybe because I am older, and getting even more older, I am more tolerant, when I see "imperfect" releases (and when I am also not affected by them).

I understand, better than ever now, how hard it is to make a video game. I understand, how difficult it is to sustain a business, when you see and hear about layoffs of "proper" studios, all the time. Yes, some people in this industry make more money than ever. But the push is away from games like THIS one. Mobile, Indie ... I also can see better, what the game developers and designers intended to do. I have read the game manual. The complexity of the different game-"systems" and how they were intended to work together. I am ok, when CA are able to deliver only parts of those ideas, as long as they strive for excellence, as long as they are willing to do the risky thing, enter uncharted territory.

Triple-A strategy games in a market that is losing money by the week, is something I appreciate, as long as it still exists.

To me every TW release, is a opportunity to go back and read the books, I was reading at school. We read, Caeser's "De Bello Gallico" (in Latin - not the easiest of prose for beginners. Believe me). We read Seneca and Virgil and Tacitus and Ovid. And I did go back to the literature of my youth ever since. Less often, than I wanted to. A video game that embraces the history and the source material, without turning it into nonsense (God of War) or a background to smash things up (again, God of War), but treats its subject with respect and as much attention to detail, as they can afford, deserves my respect. Even if they fail at times, even if things break and don't work as intended, even if they decide to cut or change things for the purpose of gameplay, to make it "fun" for you. That does not deserve the kind of uninformed, vile criticism from immature, over-caffeinated brats, who sit at home all day and call themselves "Gamers" in chats and forums. I guess, they don't get enough attention from their moms, cooking next door, or their fathers, being at work the whole day. And if you are an "adult" (at least legally), you should know better than to whine like a 5 year old, who cannot find his/her most favourite teddybear.

So here it is. Some short videos (no ads), some screenshots, I made in the last 10 days. I am not looking for hugs or shoulder-petting, nor for "eyeballs". If you own and play the game yourself, you would not waste time here, right?

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This "Forest Hunt" gameplay video is longer than others. If you like Terrence Malick, you might know the reason why. Otherwise, I warn you. It may be extremely boring to you!

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I tried some different resolutions. I play the game now in [edit:]3366x1080 px glorious 5760x1080px my monitors (or the game) won't go higher, atm. The Battle of Carthage, in it's scope and scale, in it's excellence of design and architecture, is worth the purchase of that game, if you ever was even remotely interested in history. I can play this battle alone for the rest of the year. It feels like history books came to life; like you are now allowed to be IN them. Or compare it to old Hollywood movies, in 70mm CinemaScope or Super Panavision ... and Technicolor. And not only are you gazing at those things, you are able to command the largest sizes of fully animated units, doing all kinds of things. If only Paradox Interactive would have the manpower to compete with CA in this field! Imagine the games, we could enjoy in the next decade?!

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