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wow I thought perrez back tire blew up but he ran over his front wing

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Hmmm could we see another great Vettel Alonso battle?

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Vergne seems to be looking for a drive

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damn what a first lap!

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Oh man kobayashi out? poor KK

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Gearbox trouble for Rosberg?

scratch that, electrical problem with the steering wheel, whatever that means

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"Damn it"

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@LunarJetman said:

If you wanted a comparison, I would think that it would be more reasonable to compare Formula E to Formula 3 or something like that.

Also, as a big fan of the MotoGP and motorcycle racing in general, I really hope that Drew and Danny get that person on the podcast who they've mentioned as being really into MotoGP.

Agreed. I've been watching since before Sete Gibernau got cursed and, even in a bad year, its great. Moto3 never disappoints. Its a real shame the feeder categories of F1 are so scattered as then you could do what Dorna do with MotoGP and give the three classes similar billing.

Haven't really kept up with MotoGP or any racing classes the last couple of years, but motorcycle racing is always spectacular to watch,and I will always make a point of watching the Dutch TT when the bikes are in town. I got kind of tired of the Vallentino show though. I understand those days are over now though (now it's the Marques show?). I still pine for the golden days of days 2-stroke racing though.

I'm kind of bummed that the F1 race is this weekend cause the british superbike championship is in town here, if I actually followed the championship I might have gone to the track cause if I remember the tickets are dirtcheap compared with MotoGP

If you want some good documentaries on old school 500cc racing check out: the unrideables and the unrideables 2, do a little googeling and you can probably find them online somwhere (legality might be questionable though)or you could always buy them. The guys in those docs got me into watching racing with my dad as a kid. Kevin Schwantz was my hero and 34 is still my lucky number.

Here are the trailers:

The Unrideables: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaTPU0uZFfQ

The Unrideables 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pl95XAJ54aA