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Seeing how Hamilton seems to be better "friends" and not as cold towards the two Red Bull-drivers, really shows the tension that's inside the Mercedes team right now.

Because he was first. I can't remember which race it was, but there was one when he came in second to Nico, and acted like his childhood pet had just died. He doesn't seem like the sort of guy who can ease up unless he comes in first.

think that might have been the monaco podium ceremony, where he just sort of walked off and couldn't be bothered.

Also @ewansuttie thanks for the "E-prix" update, I was wondering if those cars would make a full race having to climb the hill towards the square and the casino, but I'm kind of bummed by this layout though, they sort of cut the best section of the track off. Tabak and the swimingpool chicanes are good fun and all but I'm wondering how the lower speed will effect those corners.

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wow I thought perrez back tire blew up but he ran over his front wing

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Hmmm could we see another great Vettel Alonso battle?

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Vergne seems to be looking for a drive

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damn what a first lap!

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Oh man kobayashi out? poor KK

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Gearbox trouble for Rosberg?

scratch that, electrical problem with the steering wheel, whatever that means

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"Damn it"