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Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada

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Having the same actress play different characters has precedent in the modern doctor who. Watch the battle of Canary wharf, Freema Agyeman who would later play a companion (Martha Jones) is seen playing Adeola, an employee of Torchwood. It was addressed a few episodes later when Martha said she had a cousin who worked at Canary Wharf.

Couple of things that have me scratching my head

-Oswin looks directly at the camera in her final shot. Clearly it's scripted but to what end? it'll probably make more sense when we understand her relationship to Clara Oswin.

-How much did Oswin remove from the collective Dalek memory? Forgetting one person, okay bit of a stretch. But not knowing to fire on a time lord jumping out of a TARDIS on their own ship? Was she able to remove the entirety of the time war from their memory?

I like the idea that Oswin and Clara are the same person from different points in her own time line. Given the guilt the doctor's been experiencing over companions since the stolen earth about turning companions into weapons. Leaving the Ponds behind to protect them while there still alive. If Oswin/Clara are the same the Doctor could be trying to alter her timeline to prevent her from being on the Alaska when it crashes.

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There was another problem with the ending I haven't noticed mentioned here, if I'm wrong I hope someone could correct me but wasn't Joker holding Gotham citizens hostage with the same condition he inflicted on Batman. If so then did they just die since there was no cure left.

I guess we could assume more could be created from Batman's blood and/or what is left or Ras but it's never stated

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Anyone catch in the video review Jeff let the cat out of the bag *snicker* for Charwoman’s alternate skins. Looks like Animated series and the long Halloween will be available day one.

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Looks like poison ivy is back to. A cat woman acheivement referencing the sirens with a pic of a wilted flower was among the leak that showed night wing. IGN has a image of the mad hatter pulled from the same clip.
The calander man achievement makes it sound like you could fight him on important dates, I hope this is real world dates, special challanges or missions that only come up on major holidays

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I had a first hand experience with this a few years ago while working at my local Wal-Mart. We had just gotten a new PS2 demo disc (OK more than a few years) and I saw a child playing it and having trouble with a particular fight. Since it was slow in the store I gave him some advice but later when he came up to a part I had difficulty with he completely showed me up. I said "boy do I feel stupid" for not trying what he had done and he responded "Don't use that word I have mental retardation".

I was really taken back by that response, I hadn't said anything about him. If anything I had elevated him above me intellectually so his response almost felt like an insult at me.

Point is people can take anything in offense even words that aren't in the "PC pool" if they don't understand where the person is coming from. Since Whiskey media has built its self on having known personality's hosting we know these slips should be taken in jest.

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got a Mac product?

Scotch tape a high number behind the product name. Ta Da your using future tech.

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Star Trek all the way

It is the better show since it may have had an impact in our cultural development (specifically race relations in the original.) and has given us a future to look forward to while Star Wars and Lord of the Rings are meant to be pure myth.

If you go characters and tech verses each other wars will get a few quick kills early on with the force but Trek will ultimately win out because they are adaptable, able to overcome a problem and advance there understanding of the universe in doing so. while Star Wars has had little in the way of development in over 1000 years and it seems constant war pushes there civilizations back

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Hey, I was just over at your sister site Comic vine.  They posted a video of some friendly office competition near the end some one suggested challenging Giant bomb staff.  Sounds like a great idea If you guys are ever hard up for some new content that would make some great footage for both sites.  You could even come up with some unique challenges to better reflect your fan groups

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almost worth A rainy day ram-en challenge.......  Almost