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This is why opt in chat is a bad idea. I wasn't going to accept the friend request because it was obvious what it was, but a friend wanted a good laugh. It's not the most creative or colorful I've gotten, but whatever.

I should start a tumblr for people to submit this to.

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Another suggestion is switching up your class.

You're running Mage and Warlock and dabbling in Paladin. Mage and Paladin (more so Mage) require more rare/epic/legendary cards to be competitive. You mentioned you're playing Warlock, do you mind sharing the deck with us? A popular deck on ladder is Zoo or Zoolock. It's a cheap deck that focuses on getting less expensive minions on the board quickly and overwhelming your opponent. It's not necessarily going to make you better at the game since learning to play it doesn't translate over to other decks, but I promise your win rate will ago up.

Paladin control decks are expensive, but look up "Shockadin" for the Paladin equivalent of Zoo that's also pretty cheap and effective.

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Tested has done some good builds over the years too you could consult. I leaned on their mini itx build they did recently for inspiration with mine and have no regrets.

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And the games are complete. I'll upload the VODs here when they're available. Each series went 3-2 - setting up @starvinggamer vs @sir_gunblade in a death match where two men will enter, but only one will leave. Winner plays me. Mr @chim21 - you're a scrappy little hooker with a heart of gold. Thanks for participating, you had a great run. Hopefully we see you whenever we do one of these again.

C0V3RT vs sir_gunblade : http://www.twitch.tv/c0v3rt/c/4753252

Chim21 vs StarvingGamer: http://www.twitch.tv/thechim21/b/551601700

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Match one is complete - @sir_gunblade those were intense. You're still my odds on favorite to win.

Up next is StarvingGamer vs Chim21 live on twitch... http://www.twitch.tv/thechim21

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Starting the stream now. Remember - 10 minute delay and all that... www.twitch.tv/c0v3rt

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@bollard: No spectator mode yet unfortunately. It's a feature that they really need to add though!

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I've updated the post with info on the finals.

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Another utility is TempoStorm.com. It's the site for an "official" Hearthstone team created by one of my favorite Hearthstone Streamers, Reynad. A lot of the videos they have there are premium (don't pay for premium) - but they do deck techs where they walk you through the decks, explain why each card is in the deck, and show you the deck played in action.