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@bisonhero: I think I bought all of like 3 GvG packs total, so in all fairness I don't have a huge spread of cards to choose from. That 2/3 value for 2 though...

And yes, when I say class cards I mean the ones you unlock as you for each class as you level up. Soulfire (which was an awful awful card to nerf) would be a class card, Flame Imp would not.

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It's a tricky balance. I love constructed, but feel like if you strip out legendary and epic cards, you're going to see a whole lot of everyone playing the same. If you go all commons and class cards, everyone will play zoo and face hunter. The arena style or hit-it-and-forget it drafts could still favor players with the larger sets, but it's not assured.

For comparison sake, I did one of each drafts for comparison. The first was my arena draft, the second being my HIFI draft. I got a number of legendary cards in both. I don't know if that's repeatable, but here's what I got.

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@hansolol: I agree. This heroic wing has been the least fun of the bunch by far. I ended up using a deck off HearthPwn which was pretty dependent on getting the perfect cards in my opening hand.

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@mrmazz: I'm not replacing Reaper with Bite. I value the one damage too much as well. I may swap out one of my war axes though depending on the meta.

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@starvinggamer Hybrid token/ramp Druid and neutered weapons control Warrior. Had to speed things up since conventional control is too slow now.

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I am by no means the keeper of the tournament, so I'll comment from my perspective as if I were going to set up another. You have my blessing if you want to try to organize and run Scrub League Part Deux. :)

The last one just wrapped up like a week and a half ago, and lasted a grueling 2+ months. It took more than I thought to run the thing, so am recharging my batteries before giving it another go. I got a ton of feedback on the last one, so I think the next one may be different in a number of ways. We may do no legendaries or something to restrict the card pool to choose from to level the playing field a bit, or we may do something dumb like picking a class and having the game generate the deck.

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@starvinggamer: If you play it, if you've ever got a few minutes to blow shoot me an invite for a game whenever. I ran into it 3 or 4 times on ladder last night and none of the games were really even competitive. I can only assume my opponent was playing it wrong.

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Welcome to GiantBomb!

Back when I was in my early teens there was the MSN Gaming Zone. It was a hub for a few retail multiplayer games (I played the ever living shit out of Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2), but also had your run of the mill stuff like checkers, chess, and backgammon. When I wasn't playing SWJK:DF2 I would play checkers and just be a dumb 13 year old kid in chat. I'm from Nebraska and there was a girl from Nebraska I'd play with and chat with quite a bit, but we were on opposite sides of the state. Long after the Zone shut down, her and I continued to exchange emails. Fast forward to 2004 and I was just completing my first year of college and was going through a rough breakup. I was telling her about it through email and for some reason, I asked her if she'd be interested in meeting up. In in 2009 we got engaged, in 2011 we got married, and recently found out we're expecting our first child in April of 2015. :)

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@starvinggamer: I think my problem with Trumps priest is if you don't have board control, it's difficult to get and will be playing from behind. I guess I'd want to see it played, but it feels like a deck that unless you're playing on a perfect curve, gets clunky in a hurry. Auchenai/Circle is going to be your board clear, but what do you follow it up with? I can see how it wrecks aggro, but am curious how it does against control or hunter.

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@fredchuckdave: Long time no see, sir. I think in my mind, I imagined you saw the light of ladder and became so infatuated with climbing, you forgot about us.

Anyway, I think Shaman has always been considered (at least in my eyes) a top 3 class. Given that the meta has cycled back around to where aggro decks are strong, being able to cheaply wrestle away board control is huge. Shaman is so well equipped to get a grasp on the board and not let go, it's so strong and is maybe the only class that can go toe to toe with anything that's not miracle rogue. There is a lot of chatter about it synergizing with Baron Riverdale. It's cool if you can pull it off, but it requires super specific cards to pull off for a class that doesn't have a great amount of card draw. I disagree with your assessment on priest though. It's such a difficult deck to play that anyone not named Amaz playing it just feels clunky. I think Dark Cultist will give it a nice boost in a minion that will stick early AND buff another minion, but still think it's the weakest class in the game by a large margin. I'm also not as enamored with Deathlord as everyone else. If you can get it early, it's huge, but unless you're playing it on a empty board past turn 4 or 5, there are so many ways to deal with it. Sure it's agitating to have Deathlord pull a Defender of Argus or Ancient of War, but i've also had it pull Gromash and Rag which is just too much to deal with in the early game.

Speaking of weak classes, has anyone else seen an influx of Paladin the last few seasons? For a while it was just barley above Priest, but there has been a Paladin control deck that's making the rounds that's a pain in the ass to deal with.