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I'll never do a midnight launch again, only because it sucks investing the time in waiting to get the system, only to bring the system home and be fatigued and sleep.

For the 360 launch, me and some friends went to Walmart 14 hours before midnight and were 7th and 8th in line respectively. They stashed us back by layaway so we were out of the way of customers. Just lots of waiting on the hard floor, trying to pass the time. The staff was pretty cool about it, and the store manager brought us cookies and bottled water. It went much smoother than the Wii launch. We underestimated the demand for a Wii and the Walmarts we checked out were packed beyond the supply. We ended up going to Target. Since they're not open 24 hours, we had to wait outside in the cold until the store opened the next morning. We had people trying to cut into line in the morning, and the staff only came out an hour prior to opening to assign numbers.

What I'm getting at is, depending on where you live, if weather is an issue, invest the extra time to find a store that will let you wait inside until midnight.

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Nah. Most people I know learn of my interest and am the person non "gamers" (I hate that term) come to and ask advice, or shoot the shit about a game they're excited about or recently played. When I'm meeting people, if it comes up and if it doesn't click, I move on. I cringe when I see someone who takes an interest or hobby too far and it lets it define them. Be yourself but be diverse.

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The NES started it, the first console I was an adult with expendable disposable income to go crazy with on game purchases was the original Xbox.

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I was following Jeff's blog after his release from GameSpot. I remember the "Arrow Pointing Down" podcast somewhere in there. At some point, I remember them saying GiantBomb was going to be a thing. I feel like I should have a shirt that says, "I remember when GiantBomb was just a WordPress site."

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Color me skeptical. In theory, they said what zone you designated yourself as (family/recreation/pro/underground) impacted who you'd get matched with but it never seemed to work. I want to say I've heard this sophisticated algorithm talk before with the current reputation system too. I'll believe it when I see it, but I hope it works.

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I'm not reading through 700 comments, but here's my two cents.

I don't know the guy, and can only go off what I saw on IGTM and from following him on twitter, but I've never understood the Phil Fish hate. The guy seems passionate about his work and has shown that he can and will get emotional. What shocks me is when "media" types like Beer/AnnoyedGamer act shocked or surprised when Phil does what Phil because of something they ask or say. They then proceed to try put the fire out by pouring gasoline on it and only make things worse. Phils opinionated and tells it like he sees it and isn't for everyone. If you don't like it or don't agree and want to interact with a gamedev that loves everyone, go follow Notch.

I doubt we've seen the last of Phil Fish. In the SE of IGTM, he seems almost giddy that he's got such an audience on twitter and that people, love or hate him, hang on his every word. He loves being in the headlines. He'll be back, the whole quitting thing screams getting caught up in the moment and taking your ball and going home. As far as Fez II goes, that, I have my doubts about. It's a game that I don't think needs a sequel. In recent days and weeks, Phil had jokingly said he was going to cancel Fez II to make a better Minecraft. I wouldn't be surprised if he just uses this as an opportunity to shelve Fez II and work on something else.

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More recently, The Last of Us. Maybe I'm just jaded and cold, but it didn't do for me. I wasn't moved at all by the first 15 minutes. I never felt any tension, and felt like it played a game I've played a million times before. I don't fault anyone who loves it, just never clicked with me.

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I've got a composition book for Fez laying around somewhere.

I'd also drawn out a map as to where the notes could have been in Slender until it got to be too much for me.

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Last night when I was explaining to my wife why I was so bummed, I told her the cause of death was either unknown or not disclosed. Her thought was that since he passed on July 3rd, and he was tweeting up until mid-afternoon, there likely wouldn't have been anyone available to do an autopsy until Friday at earliest (which would also explain the lack of obituary if he hadn't yet been released to a mortuary). It's just speculative and it's making me uncomfortable to talk about, so I'll stop. This all being said, I think if Ryan's friend's and family opt to keep this private, I would hope everyone respect their wishes and not probe or be jerks about it.

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The one thing that's stuck out for me in hearing people close to Ryan is that the persona he projected on the site and social media is really him and a stand up dude.

My story is from the last year. I somewhat hastily/regrettably-but-not-really ordered a pink ass pink China Don't Care shirt. Fun fact, and am not sure if they fixed it, but when you order a shirt from the site, it defaults to a small shirt. In a rush, I didn't notice it was a small. I got in touch with Dave on twitter who gave me an email Social Imprints but never got a response back.

I turned to the email that sent the order confirmation from GiantBomb and much to my surprise, got a response from Ryan. We were both still unable to get a response from the vendor so I thanked Ryan for his time, and Ryan stood up to the vendor and told them how shitty it was they weren't able to fix this for me. When I eventually got my correctly sized shirt, I shot a quick thanks to Ryan and got a very genuine response back. The dude cared about the community, and will be sorely missed.