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Never thought I would shed a tear for a "celebrity" of any kind, but there's only been a handful of days of the past couple of years where I haven't heard this man's voice cheering me up somehow.

Devastating to me; I can't even imagine how those close to him feel. Sorry, guys.

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I've been a software engineer for several years now and have been stuck using C++/C#/ASP.NET and MSSQL for pretty much the entirety of it.  I've also been desperately wanting to learn things like Python, PostgreSQL, and Apache (for more than just hosting an SVN server) for pretty much that entire time, but just haven't had a chance to.  Maybe now I'll have the motivation to find some extra time and do some ol' fashion book-learnins so that one day I may work in the Whiskey Media empire (or anywhere besides @*#%ing military contractors and their messed up government business practices).