This whole quest thing is seriously killer. As if I really needed more reason to visit GB. BUT NOW EVERYTHING TAKES TEN MINUTES TO LOAD :O

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Games I'm playing; this list is the list of them.

Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360). 
Oh, for the love of l'Cie fal'Cie Ragnarok Christ, this game is the longest thing I've ever attempted to undertake. Or, at least, it feels like it. 30 hours in and I've been slogging through its seemingly endless (and slightly pointless) battles and garbled cutscenes in an attempt to make it to the end, if such a goal exists. A story full of clichéd characters, unexplained enemies, backwards logic and afro-dwelling chocobos, blah-blah-linear-blah exploration and a fucking annoying camera are almost understandable given the game's plus points: the at-times incredible battle system (apart from when the enemies focus on the party leader who, when slain, causes a massive ejaculation of Game Fucking Over), and its stunning graphics. 
Grand Theft Auto: Tales From Liberty City (Xbox 360). 
I've had this sitting around for a while, but haven't really bothered to re-visit everyone's favourite New York caricature. After a few toe-dips, though (and my girlfriend's customary car-napping killsprees), I can't help but feel that somehow these 'episodes' are too hard for me. I'm a fucking shit gamer. I'll keep at it, though, after I'm done with FFXIII's yelping "Yay us!" histrionics. 
Final Fantasy XII (PS2). 
I bought a PS2 on electronic-Bay purely to play this again. When it was released, I was off work with the flu for a week or so, and purchased it for something to do that I didn't have to care too much about. I ended up with two 70+ hour playthroughs, and two eyes full of 70+ tears. It hasn't aged a bit, and is still an utter joy to behold. 
Sword And Poker (iPhone). 
This infernal thing is a fucking nightmare. I love it. Harking back to Puzzle Quest's "Puzzler-with-an-RPG-hat-on", its deceptively simple battle system of 'form poker hands to do damage, man' quickly becomes addictive, and there's rarely a night where I don't fit in a half-hour bout with the game. 
Lilt Line (iPhone).