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#1 Posted by Capstan (51 posts) -

Hey, how's this for a #molyjam2012 tagline?

"#molyjam2012: All the inspiration you expect from Molyneux, with only half the disappointment!"

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Peter MolyDEUX is the world's funniest virtual personality who doesn't really exist. Ladies and gentlemen, the evidence:

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Sounds like you had more of a "What Happened TO This Weekend" weekend, Alex.

#4 Posted by Capstan (51 posts) -

A Mass Effect 3 Voice Cast promotional video appeared on Giant Bomb recently, unleashing a torrent of hatred for Jessica Chobot in the comments. Ms. Chobot, who does voice work in the game, is a staff writer and on-screen host for IGN. She is probably best-known on the Internet for a series of parody glamor shots for the Sony PSP, including one of her licking the device. I posted a comment in her defense and received a couple of PMs in reply. One GBer thought I needed to raise my standards and suggested that I pick up a drunk college girl in a bar instead. The other was more polite, patiently explaining to me that the gaming community resented Ms. Chobot's system-licking her way to the top.

I saw those photos years ago. Here's how I think it went down: A very capable writer with an interest in gaming casts her satiric eye on the hype surrounding the PSP and decides to skewer it, Madison-Avenue-style. She happens to be hot, so she doesn't need to hire a model for the satirical photos she has in mind. She posts her pics on the Interwebs, not realizing that the gaming community is so filled with thwarted testosterone that it will hardly notice there's a PSP in the shot. Instant, unintentional celebrity ensues. As a result, this capable writer is hired by a video game review site and gets the chance to show her real chops, which she does.

I think what really irks gamers about Jessica Chobot is that their own sexual obsessions unwittingly opened industry doors to her. Seen in that light, all this catcalling seems a little mean-spirited, doesn't it?

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My Illinois G representin'! Nice article, Patrick. Now, if you could solve the problem of the Bears' offense, you'd be a greater hero than Link has ever been.

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@DarthOrange said:

I blame that Jeff. I have him as a friend on PSN and he hasn't been this active on the PS3 since Saints Row 3 and now all he's been doing is playing Blitz instead of helping run a website.

Ahh, but playing Blitz IS helping Jeff run the website. You see, relaxing with a quality title allows him to return to work more....ahhh, forget it. That never worked on my mom, either.

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@Dany said:

Yes. They stopped the endurance run. Mostly because they are tired of people bitching at them.

So troll-y. I must confess that I've done my share of that bitching, though. Maybe the Deity screams at His monitor, too, while he watches us make the same mistakes over and over and over...

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@TheLegendofLuke: It's been over a year since your post, and I'm now having the same problem.

When I click on the Edit Article button, only the 50-character-max section appears in the text editor. Tried in Firefox 8 and Safari on Vista Home Premium.

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I'd like to add my two cents worth here. I realize that advertising is the icky shaved-coconut coating that hides Giant Bomb's nougat-y free goodness, so I have no problem with it. I do object to my hearing being endangered every time I want to savor said nougat-y goodness. GB Crüe, please lower the volume of the Dead Island ad to approximately Quick Look levels.

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7:44pm CST US and I can't get the Untold site to load.  Behold the primeval savagery of preciousness unleashed!
PS:  Congratulations on actually shipping your game, Cassie!

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