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@cmblasko said:

"It’s dangerous to go alone."

... was that a Legend of Zelda reference?

A video gaming stream service run by nerds makes one of the most well-known video game references of all time? It's not possible!

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@mrfluke said:

in a post ryan world, this panel super renewed my faith in GB to still be about fun.

also, one of the guys that asked a question to the staff (taking about the dark times he went through) sounded like he was crying? no disrespect to the guy, as i absolutely get it. but more power to him that he got up and told the staff that.

That was me, I wasn't crying, but for some fucking reason I had an anxiety attack the moment the dude in the blue shirt in front of me said "all yours" and was fighting to control it while asking my question(one person described it as me sounding like the G-Man). Anxiety attacks fucking suck. My sister was murdered abroad shortly before the formation of GB and her death was covered up, and I was distraught, borderline suicidal for a long time. GB's content kept me laughing and upbeat in those darkest of days until I could get help, so I've always kept up with GB since. Ryan dying probably hit me harder than normal because of that, too, and Patrick speaking about his dad at the panel on Friday inspired me to bring up the topic. I have a very loud voice, like, my voice fucking CARRIES to the point that people outside can hear my yelling from the inside of the facility I work at away from any windows, so I tone it down to a whisper for microphones and such. That combined with the anxiety didn't go well. Looks like what I meant to say got through to most folks though, although some people thought I was dragging out Ryan's death to bring the panel down??? I wasn't even thinking of Ryan's death when I asked the question, though I did realize it could be misinterpreted that way after and added the "uplifting" bit.

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I met Ryan and Jeff and everyone at PAX East 2012. I mentioned to Jeff that "You guys and all you've done have helped me through the toughest times in my life. Thank you so much for all you've done!" He said "yeah, same here!" Ryan was boisterously chatting with a few other fans, it was a wonderful atmosphere even though everyone was clearly exhausted.

I want to do something for you guys. I want to do something for him. I feel so awful. I feel so empty. I'm sorry Jeff, if there is anything I can do please don't hesitate to say something. I know it's small consolation as I'm just another faceless fan, but I just...I know this feeling. I know this emptiness, I still feel it every day.

I don't know what your plans are. What you guys are going to do. But whether you eventually continue on, or whether you stop doing this altogether, I think everyone would support you no matter what decision you make. It just isn't the same. It's the ultimate change. Giant Bomb is a family, even if it's a company, and you've just lost one of the major parts of it. I'm so, so sorry, guys.

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I'm gobsmacked. My gob has been smacked. Smackedgob.

I won't lie, Dave. The Bombcast highlight when Jeff was reading the Petz Dogz something or other in full song and then you broke in the middle of it with "WHAT'S GOING ON IN HERE! YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY! I'M TRYING TO BUILD A WEBSITE IN HERE!" was my first exposure to Giant Bomb and what got me to check out the site. Thanks Dave, I had a sneaking suspicion it was more than just paternal leave, sad to hear my suspicions were validated. Least we'll still see you around occasionally. Good luck man, especially with your kid. :)

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@tireyo643 said:

It's a shame that he passed... Regardless of his accomplishments and whatnot though, I still don't like him.

Same here. Honestly, he wasn't a particularly good critic and as the years went on he just seems more and more out of touch with film. Its a shame anyone should die but I won't miss him in the slightest. In fact I thought he died years ago.

Then again, he's not really a big deal in this country.

Hmmm yes, you certainly have a point and definitely aren't being a callous idiot who can't determine when a good time to dredge your opinions out repeatedly is, definitely a person who knows the appropriate time to make really bland and terrible "what's the big whoop, I thought he was already dead" posts, yep!

Ebert was much more than "just another film critic". He wasn't afraid to voice his opinions against the grain in an industry that is exceptionally conformist, or to stand up for someone or someone's voice when nobody else would. He's defended the rights of Asian Americans to make "whatever the hell kind of movies they want, they should not feel obligated to portray Asians in a noble or honorable light if they don't want to!". He's also got some experience actually making movies, unlike many critics. He wasn't "wrong" in his reviews any more than your opinions are "wrong". He often judged movies on multiple angles, not just if they were "good" or "bad", but also on other aspects such as whether they accomplished a certain goal the director set out for. He would also go back and re-review movies after a prolonged period of time, such as E.T., to give them a fresh take sometimes after they've been better absorbed into regular culture.

He was a film critic, but very very few film critics were as passionate and go the extra mile as he was. It's also funny seeing people rail on him about the video game thing since he actually admitted he did not have much expertise on the subject and had some good discussions on it.

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Bravo, excellent troll post, great shot kid one in a million

edit: whoops, hit reply instead of quote to some random idiot making an edgy "vidya games" post

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Look up "VGCW Clem" on youtube. There's a bunch of recordings split up into individual matches/plot and put into playlists in order.

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@ilovevideogames said:

"VGCW" straight up copied this guy *snip*

He streams on Twitch because it seems to be more popular than Livestream (obviously).

Take it or leave it, this guy invented this and deserves all credit. "VGCW" is just awful compared to the original show.

Yeah, no, that guy didn't create it. It's been around for YEARS longer than that guy you linked, there's 6+ year old videos of old WWE games with Kirby, Mario, etc fighting. Sounds like just another butthurt baby, mad that Bazza took an amusing-but-short-lived concept and turned it into something great.

edit: oh hahaha I didn't even notice you linked to Dreyens. Yeah you're crazy misinformed, sorry bro. Dreyens is just some super crazy mad 4chan idiot, THE MOST butthurt of babies, who literally registered a Something Awful account just to post a banme bitching about Bazza and linking to his stream. He's the worst, and if you continue to be a fan of his, you're like, the worst's worstling.

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@flstyle said:

@zaccheus said:

I tried to watch VGCW and was disappointed that there was no commentary during the matches... The characters are amazing and the intros just unbelievable, but who want's to actually watch those matches?

4000+ people as of Tuesday night, part of the fun is the chat amusing themselves.

I guess if you can call that fun. I checked out the VGCW stuff for the first time the last time it was streaming, and enjoyed all the nonsense happening in the game, but the whole time the chat was just parroting whatever was being said by the announcers or in the story scenes in ALL CAPS. Seeing 4,000 people all think they have anything interesting to add to the proceedings when they truly don't is just kind of a bummer. That's the internet though, I guess.

you don't understand how crowds work probably because you are Forever Alone

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