Enter the Ramblings of a Video Game Veteran

   I will try to keep this initial blog post short and to the point.  I'm 27 years old, turning 28 in August and going back to school in the fall to get a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.  Aside from my age, I'd say I have a lot in common with the majority of people on this site.  So what sets me apart from the rest of the people here?  What is the draw of this blog in comparison to so many others out there?
   That's a good question--I'll let you know when I figure it out  LOL
   My first idea was to just ramble on about the current news of the video game industry, but that seemed a little too much like what everyone else is doing.  Then I thought about just writing reviews, both retrospectives and new releases.  Again, I figured that was just too close to what everyone else is doing and started to become frustrated, but it finally hit me.  With my extremely large collection of games that have piled up through the years, what if I combined the two topics?  What if I blogged while I was playing both current and retro games, and did a comparison of old and new?  
   So, that's going to be the plan for right now--blog a few times a week, updating what I'm currently playing, and try to get two games that are related genre-wise, and compare how the genre evolved between the two games.  In addition to filling a blog, I can finally start to chip away at games that I may have ignored over the years.