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Bartleby the Scrivener? Anybody? Not a big Melville crowd here, huh?

It's not an easy read.

EDIT: Beaten!

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So they're making an Ouya game on the side to build up buzz for their real game? Doesn't exactly sound like a big "get" for Ouya.

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One of my masons just bit a kobold thief's foot off and then bashed its head in. Now there's blood all over my main hall.

This game is nuts.

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More questions from me too!

- How much should I be using trade caravans to get stuff? I recently had my first one come, but I didn't really see much that was worth getting, so I just traded a couple small things. I also messed around with the liaison screen but didn't really know what I was doing.

- I can't find decent ore to save my life. I'm up to my ass in gold nuggets but I can't make weapons and such out of that. Everything else I've found has been stone or gems, and I've started digging out tunnels on at least 4 or 5 z-levels. Are there any tips on getting this going?

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The Quick Start guide on the DF wiki tells me to disable cooking for all plants so that they're only used to make booze. Is this really a good idea? I've disabled hunting and fishing so at this point the only food I have is plants. My kitchen isn't being used at all right now. Fishing is definitely too dangerous in the area I'm in and I'm worried about enabling hunting. My food stores are stable but there's not nearly as much food as I'd like. The next migration could destroy me if I don't ramp up production. Could I just enable plant cooking and build some more farms to offset the decreased alcohol production?

EDIT: And also, all of my cats and dogs are female. How can I find/tame some male cats or dogs to get 'em boning?

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@AhmadMetallic said:

@Veektarius: @Revan_NL: @Servbot24: I guess it's a budget thing for most cities, and an actual characteristic of Winterfell as you said. But then, how is Winterfell almost an empire on it's own if it's a castle? What, is the entirety of the north (that is ruled by the Starks) called Winterfell? Is it the entire province?

In the beginning of the series, the vast majority of the other houses in the North have sworn fealty to House Stark (House Karstark, House Manderly, House Mormont, House Umber, House Bolton, and many more). Winterfell is only one castle, but the Starks have command over most of the other castles and families in the north.

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Welp, I'm five minutes in to my first world. While I was digging out my entryway and storeroom, my fisherdwarf roamed off and managed to make his way to a subterranean river, where he was attacked by... something... which broke his arms and tore his liver. He proceeded to alternate between passing out and vomiting into the river before he collapsed and died. Naturally, this was just before reaching the point in the tutorial where it says to turn off hunting and fishing. So lesson learned I guess.

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Does anyone know if there's a Mac version of the Lazy Newb Pack available? Or at least some equivalent of it. I'd like to give the game a shot but not without a decent tileset and the necessary accoutrements. It does look like there's a Mac version of Dwarf Therapist, but is there anything else I need?

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I guess that Dan Harmon endorsement just wasn't enough.