If anything this blog is a testament to my retained innocence

I rarely put my (inane) thoughts down on digital paper but there is nothing going on at work.

Game Review Systems(?)

"Hold all my calls... I just got this bomb ass coloring book."

I was going to talk about what the header says, but my train of thought went all skytrain on me and now I'm trying to figure out why my only writing utensil I have used at work in the past two weeks is a cerulean blue crayon. I signed a document approving a $1,500 campaign with it. There's no reason I had to use a pen, but you have to think people are expecting it. Does anyone even look at signatures anymore? Especially with credit or debit card purchases. Most of the time I'll just slap a sloppy 'X' on the signature line and see if the cashier says anything. To take this all a step further what are the global effects of the crayon becoming writing utensil supreme (a term I just made up)?

  • I don't fucking know.

Waste of a bullet point? No. Bullet points are awesome and now your attention is in a choke hold. If anything, you now know my ability to comprehend hypothetical global change is minimal. Feel free to speculate though.

p.s. Remember that episode of the X-Files where that guy repeats cerulean blue and escapes police custody?


Oh Activision

This whole IW/Activision situation reminds me of one of my favorite stories as a kid. The Lorax. 
The Gamer: Well, Mr. Kotick-ler?
 The Kotick-ler: Hmm. First poor Tony Hawk. Then the poor Guitar heros. Now the poor Call of Duties... oh, Mr. Gamer, Mr. Gamer... this cursed factory of mine! Now, at last, I understand.
Mr. Wallstreet-ler: [over intercom] Mr. Kotick-ler! Mr. Kotick-ler!
The Kotick-ler: Hmm? Oh, yes, Mr. Wallstreet-ler?
Mr. Wallstreet-ler: Stock markets just closed, and Activision Inc. stock is up! Up 27 and 5/8 points!
The Kotick-ler: Wow. Wow! Rowdy-dow!
[to Gamer]
The Kotick-ler: Now, you listen to me, Pop, while I blow my top! Games? Ha! You speak for the Games? Well I speak for Big Business, and Exploited Names! For your information, you gamer, I'm figgering on biggering and biggering, and biggering, and BIGGERING, Buying MORE Developers IP's! Which everyone, everyone, EVERYONE NEEDS!
Oh Robert Kotick... will he ever learn?