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@Abyssfull said:
" Not too bothered since I've never been a GOLD member. "
Me neither.
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I think Ajay should get his own part.

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@KaosAngel: I think gingers are people who are BORN with red hair. I would say that redheads were people who dye their hair, like me. I wouldn't say i was ginger.
But i suppose it's all a difference of opinion and preference :)
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I've had red hair on and off for the past 5/6 years and it's definitely my favourite colour to have my hair.  Being light-haired naturally my hair goes an amazing shade of red.  Also, i have a Lilith hair cut. So my hair is just double the awesome.  

 Only photo i can be arsed to get ATM.

Also, i  have a soft spot for guys who are ginger.  Rupert Grint?! Yes please! 
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I've been asked a lot if I'm either a, Irish or b, anemic. Because I'm ridicously pale.
But I'm English so i don't, or haven't really been in a situation where people have asked me about my heritage (par the Irish thing).

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@dutch42: Obviously just a coincidence :)
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@Newten:  I have no problem with that photo. Haha. I wouldn't have posted it on dailybooth if i had a problem with it. I mean c'mon
 I'll post this before you do. I HAVE NO SHAME BOY!!
@Red12b:  I'm not that scary honest. But that photo was just bad. It was a prom photo, haha let's say i'll never let my mum go near me with hairspray, straighteners, make up and a catalog full of prom  'dresses'. Also i had braces and i was fat.
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@Newten: Haha dude, this has been on facebook and on giantbomb for a long ass time. 
It's not like it was hidden very well!
Yeah you best not even DARE to even THREATEN me with that. 
If you ever showed anyone that photo i will punch you in the face and THAT WILL BE THE END OF OUR FRIENDSHIP
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@dutch42: You look suspiciously like my boyfriends big brother.
Also, this is Newten he may kill me for uploading this :)