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I started playing games when me and my brother found the Sega Megadrive my dad had hidden from us for four years. It started with Sonic, then we got a Play Station and I moved on to Crash Bandicoot. When I was only young I made the best purchase I've ever made - Final Fantasy VII, sure I had no idea what was going on and I was simply chuffed just to have three discs of pure 12+ action (my God I thought it was edgy when Barret's swears were random letters). I played a lot of bad PS2 games, as well as some good ones, and then I moved on to PC. I'd like to think when I started playing PC I started playing good games and understanding how games were made. Playing PC games really got me into video games properly...but alas I wasn't made of money and was forced to buy a 360 (hey, all my friends were doing it!). And that brings us to today. OH NO IT DOESN'T! Because suddenly I am made of money and I've purchased a mainstream gaming computer for the price of £700 and am now fully enjoying the latest titles with the highest level of graphics! Ka loo ka laaay!