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Those are both "deluxe" editions with extra content. Dragon Age and Battlefield both have standard editions that retail for the regular $59.99 USD.

Sounds like a stealthy way to move the standard up to $70. I have a feeling that there will be a statement next year saying "an overwhelming number of people purchased the deluxe edition, so we're making everything $70 from this point forward."

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The entire topic is toxic and just promotes atrocious behavior from everyone. I commend the mods for keeping it out of here until the whole thing blows over.

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I'm very excited for Elite Dangerous, but paying extra for the "privilege" of playing a broken game rubs me the wrong way. I'd recommend buying the retail version (even pre-ordering if you want) and getting a product that you will enjoy playing instead of being suckered into doing beta testing.

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At least the games were quick. If people were really trying to troll, we'd see stuff like Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings being played. I have a bunch of friends who are trying to convince me to pick up 100% Orange Juice... Now I don't have to, thanks to Jeff and the chat.

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Why not wait until they're both out and see what the reviews are like? Since you enjoyed Far Cry 3 as much as you did, Far Cry 4 may be the better option since it looks to be the same game but in a different environment.

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Oooh! I like shenanigans!

I prefer "goings-ons", but shenanigans can be fun too.

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I think Disney/Marvel have figured out the formula to create a movie that will always get 90% or higher on Rotten Tomatoes and make a billion dollars. We're going to have super hero movies from now until the end of time.

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I'm a fan of my Audio Technica A700's. They don't need to be driven with an amplifier to sound great. They are closed headphones (with the noise-blocking advantages that come with it), super comfortable, and huge.

But asking for opinions of headphones is always tricky because everyone has an opinion. Pick any pair of headphones and there will be an equal split of people who insist they are the best and worst in the world.

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I wonder if they are going to discuss their drug club plans on the Bombcast this week.

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I'm actually surprised they haven't updated the models for the core races. I thought that was supposed to happen with the Mists of Panderia expansion. I know you cover yourself with armor within the first 30 levels that completely mask your character, but all of the low-poly models of the city-folk show WoW's age.