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I believe Small Businessman was going to ship all of his belongings to New York City via the Postal Service through the power of

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If you don't like Android tablets, I'd still recommend checking out an iPad. My wife got an iPad and an equivalent Android tablet at the same time for work (web development). She's still using the iPad on a daily basis while the Android hasn't been powered on in years.

My experience with the two platforms mirror hers: I don't know why Android feels clunky and not enjoyable on tablets, but it is great on phones.

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Hey everyone, it's Tuesday!

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Those are both "deluxe" editions with extra content. Dragon Age and Battlefield both have standard editions that retail for the regular $59.99 USD.

Sounds like a stealthy way to move the standard up to $70. I have a feeling that there will be a statement next year saying "an overwhelming number of people purchased the deluxe edition, so we're making everything $70 from this point forward."

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The entire topic is toxic and just promotes atrocious behavior from everyone. I commend the mods for keeping it out of here until the whole thing blows over.

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I'm very excited for Elite Dangerous, but paying extra for the "privilege" of playing a broken game rubs me the wrong way. I'd recommend buying the retail version (even pre-ordering if you want) and getting a product that you will enjoy playing instead of being suckered into doing beta testing.

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At least the games were quick. If people were really trying to troll, we'd see stuff like Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings being played. I have a bunch of friends who are trying to convince me to pick up 100% Orange Juice... Now I don't have to, thanks to Jeff and the chat.

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Why not wait until they're both out and see what the reviews are like? Since you enjoyed Far Cry 3 as much as you did, Far Cry 4 may be the better option since it looks to be the same game but in a different environment.

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Oooh! I like shenanigans!

I prefer "goings-ons", but shenanigans can be fun too.