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To be fair, the popularity of Faceless Void and Skywrath came out of nowhere. A month ago, they were considered trash tier heroes and nobody in their right mind would ever run Void mid. I'm really hoping that these teams have some secret team compositions that they are holding onto for the finals, for these preliminary matches, they are playing it super safe.

If you want to see stagnant meta, look at League of Legends:

League of Legends: 36 matches played, 40 champions picked

DotA day 1 group stage: 36 matches played, 76 heroes picked

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This was going through my head during the last half-hour:

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I have to wonder what the rest of this "game" is like. What were the developers thinking when creating this world of the future? SIRI has better understanding than the robots that are supposedly so intelligent that they are a part of our daily lives.

If I told my houserobot to vacuum the carpet, and he recites to me the dictionary entry for "Vacuum" every time I do... I would murder him.

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Sadly, there was only one really good game. Here's hoping the rest of the tournament is more exciting than stomp after stomp.

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@milkman said:


No no no no.... This is codename: BlueStreak, not BrownStreak.

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I'd focus on the short games first.

Hotline Miami, Antichamber, and The Swapper can all be finished in less than a day.

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Embrace your PC gamer heritage and get a Thrustmaster Warthog!

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Chiablo's basic rules for new players:

1. Get a microphone, if you don't already have one, and use it. It's particularly important as a new player to be able to ask questions and get immediate feedback. Even something as simple as "Where would you guys like to have wards placed?" and getting a ping back, showing you where.

2. Play through the tutorial in it's entirety. The last stage is to play 10 games using a limited hero pool with other new players. Don't feel bad about feeding or screwing up so badly that you lost the game for the whole team... this is how you learn. Getting experience in-game is the only way to get better.

3. Join the GiantBomb channel and say you are a new player looking for "LL MM" (Low Level MatchMaking). A good 80% of my friends list consists of awesome Duders that I met on the GB channel. Even if you're not a spectacular player (yet), being friendly will help build a core group of friends to play and learn with. You should avoid playing solo if at all possible, this is where the toxic players reside.

Extra homework: This video series is spectacular and probably the best introduction I've found: DotA Adademy.

I usually disourage people from watching videos from Purge or other pro-gamers because you will get inundated with terms and acronyms that won't make any sense until you have a few dozen games under your belt. Alternatively, watch some of the early Daily DotA videos... seeing Brad evolve from a really bad DotA player to an almost-competent one is what gave me the courage to dive into DotA.

If you want some coaching, feel free to add me on Steam and ask for help: I'm not the greatest player in the world, but I'm friendly.

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1. Get a microphone if you don't have one. Being able to ask questions and get immediate feedback will help get you up to speed quickly.

2. Watch these videos, it's the best introductory series I've been able to find: DotA Academy

Feel free to add me to Steam, I can help coach if you need:

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DotA 2. Joint the Giantbomb channel and say you are looking for LL MM (low level matchmaking). If you don't have a microphone, get one. When you meet friendly people, add them to your friends list and, before long, you'll have a regular group to play with.