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Hey everyone, it's Tuesday!

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@koukou said:

A quick fix is to force "desktop mode" in the browser settings.

Good find, this will work for me for now. :D

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On mobile, when viewing podcasts it only shows the latest episode for each category. There is no way (that I have seen) to browse older episodes. On desktop, older content is in the "previous episodes" portion of each category, which is unintuitive.

I would expect podcasts to be treated the same way as videos, where there is a landing page which shows every episode based on the category chosen.

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I come from Dota 2 and played a bunch of HotS over the weekend. I was enjoying myself for most of the time but the last few matches felt kind of empty for some reason. The lack of items, collective hero leveling, no last hitting, no denying, felt fresh and exciting at first. But I think I must find some kind of deeper strategy to the game (which I'm sure there is) else I fear it will burn out fast for me.

I've had a similar experience to you, I spent a weekend with it and felt that I got everything there was to get out of it. Complexity is what makes MOBAs so deep and satisfying, but unapproachable as a result. by removing the complexity, HotS is a very approachable game with the depth of a puddle. By removing the skill floor they inadvertently brought down the skill ceiling to the point that I can't see anyone playing this for long periods of time.

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Why settle when you can get the best?

On a serious note though, I've had bad luck with Saitek in the past and would discourage anyone from getting the X52. If you want a great (and inexpensive) joystick, look at the Thrustmaster 1600m. It uses the same hall-effect sensor as the Thrustmaster Warthog, has a throttle slider on the stick base (which will save you desk real estate), and is left-hand friendly.

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Watch some tutorial videos on how to shave with a safety razor before you begin, go slow your first few times and you'll be fine. Once you learn all of the intricacies of how your facial hair lies, you'll be able to shave just as quickly with a safety razor as you did with a multi-blade one. I do three passes: With the grain, across the grain, and against the grain; this gives me the smoothest shave with a negligible amount of razor burn.

An alum block will be one of your best purchases, it's an astringent and will prevent razor burn. It also acts as a teaching tool, when you shave too closely it will sting like nothing you've ever felt before.

My blade of choice are these: Astra Platinum. $10 for 100 blades and each blade will last about 4 shaves.

Finally, stay away from "The Art of Shaving", you can get higher quality shaving gear online for a quarter the cost. The only thing I've found to be worthwhile from that store is their after-shave balm.

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DotA is life consuming. Don't ever start to play DotA if you haven't yet.

...but you should probably play DotA, it so good!

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I wish this announcement would have happened after the Game of the Year stuff was over. As it stands, this announcement is getting buried among all of the top 10 lists. But maybe this is how Patrick wanted to go out... not with a bang, but as a silent spelunker walking into the sunset with the chaos at his back and the winds of change blowing through his hair.

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There were a few genuine laughs from me, but I wouldn't call it a good movie. It's essentially a live action South Park episode, minus the kids. I was hoping it would have been a bit more based in reality. Drew's debrief and Vice's excellent documentary were far more entertaining than The Interview because the wackiness is real, no need for embellishment.

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I just got a Thrustmaster Warthog... Elite is so god damn amazing with it. Get ye a joystick!