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I know the title might attract some attention from mods, as I am aware discussing illegal activities is against the rules.

What I want to know is, why don't you pirate games?

I have a friend who just can not understand why I pay for games. Every time he asks me when I am going to play a certain game, I tell him I'll get it when I can afford it or when it's on sale and he seems incredulous. I've tried explaining that I like buying games as a way of building a collection as well as just supporting the developers and industry that I enjoy so much.

Is there anything I can tell him?

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I finished 2033 Redux recently and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mind you, I played the Spartan mode because I'm not a huge fan of the survival aspect. It was an immersive, interesting shooter with a morality system that isn't (at all) obvious.

Jumped right into Last Light afterward and lost myself in it just as easily. They're fantastic games in a genre too full of CoD clones, if you ask me (and not Dan Ryckert).

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@gaspower: From GMG I've bought Thief for $5.85 and Company of Heroes 2 for $7.99 and on Nuuvem I grabbed Sine Mora for ~$0.75 and MGS: Revengeance for ~$5.00

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So, I didn't read your post (tldr) but I'm assuming the question is what game would like to play again, for the first time.

My answer to that is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I'm a big Star Wars fan despite a lot of the awful stuff out there with that name on it and I think that's part of why I would pick this game; realizing just how much I actually liked it and the story they told in a universe that I thought they had already squeezed the life out of...

I still love going back and playing the game, but I really miss those feelings that it evoked the first time through.

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My 3GB 780 averages 73 FPS in the benchmark with the same exact settings, but... in game performance is not so hot; it drops below 30 too frequently to be playable (IMO).

With textures set to High it averages 80 and doesn't go below 43 FPS.

My 780 has a 1240Mhz core clock and a conservative 6750Mhz memory clock. The 780 Ti is a beast of a card though, with more memory bandwidth.

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I got to level 2 in New Monarchy pretty fast just by doing bounties in the crucible... I did one one weekly heroic strike which gives you, I think, 250 rep.

Doing Queen's Wrath missions has a very high chance of giving you a legendary item (helm or chest).

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Just turn it into a Diablo expansion...

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I am level 23 and have had 5 purple engrams so far (2 from crucible rewards and 3 from spending about half an hour at that loot cave).

One turned out to be a legendary fusion rifle, another was a legendary class item and the rest were just rares.

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I have two DS4s and they have different material on the sticks. One seems a lot more durable than the other; so maybe Sony is attempting to fix this issue on newer controllers.

With that being said, I recommend replacing them with XOne sticks. I find them more tactile.