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So, I didn't read your post (tldr) but I'm assuming the question is what game would like to play again, for the first time.

My answer to that is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I'm a big Star Wars fan despite a lot of the awful stuff out there with that name on it and I think that's part of why I would pick this game; realizing just how much I actually liked it and the story they told in a universe that I thought they had already squeezed the life out of...

I still love going back and playing the game, but I really miss those feelings that it evoked the first time through.

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My 3GB 780 averages 73 FPS in the benchmark with the same exact settings, but... in game performance is not so hot; it drops below 30 too frequently to be playable (IMO).

With textures set to High it averages 80 and doesn't go below 43 FPS.

My 780 has a 1240Mhz core clock and a conservative 6750Mhz memory clock. The 780 Ti is a beast of a card though, with more memory bandwidth.

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I got to level 2 in New Monarchy pretty fast just by doing bounties in the crucible... I did one one weekly heroic strike which gives you, I think, 250 rep.

Doing Queen's Wrath missions has a very high chance of giving you a legendary item (helm or chest).

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Just turn it into a Diablo expansion...

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I am level 23 and have had 5 purple engrams so far (2 from crucible rewards and 3 from spending about half an hour at that loot cave).

One turned out to be a legendary fusion rifle, another was a legendary class item and the rest were just rares.

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I have two DS4s and they have different material on the sticks. One seems a lot more durable than the other; so maybe Sony is attempting to fix this issue on newer controllers.

With that being said, I recommend replacing them with XOne sticks. I find them more tactile.

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I really like the direction you took with it. The bomb shimmying over when the letters changed to "Quick Look" was a nice touch. The animations are spot on I think the bomb needs a tiny bit of adjusting. The eyes are a bit weird and the tongue needs to go and be replaced with a proper mouth. That being said Its a pretty darn good first pass at this!

Yeah, if the eyes were looking forward and you fixed the mouth I think it would be pretty great.

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@dkessler175 said:

I am all for the indie gogo fund raiser. I can understand that if you don't want to donate to the cause and respect that but to come out as against it makes me scratch my head. As silly as it sounds for most of us we haven't really met these guys other than a quick hello at a pax or something but I think that same majority considers everyone on the staff a close friend. I don't even think this is necessarily about the money or the materials that were taken, but more so about the community that Dan picked up everything and moved across the country to be a part of. I think at a time when he probably feels extremely violated having a warm outreach from our community may be the best feeling he can have. That and maybe he should take the 2,700 and get some google glass and butt tumblr as much as he damn well pleases.

I agree I think it's weird that people are saying there shouldn't be the Indiegogo fundraiser. So, maybe Dan doesn't need the money like a third world orphan but that is beside the point; helping a friend is a great cause. I might go as far as to say it's more important than any #alsicebucketchallenge, but do that too while you're at it. Just don't go saying there shouldn't be a way for people to help Dan if they want to.

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Running Windows 7 with Firefox 31 and having the same exact issue.

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@chrjz said:

The series seems impenetrable at this point, so some help would be appreciated.

Here's a brief summary of the prior games in the series:

1. Shit happens that requires Tactical Espionage Action to fix.

2. None of it makes any sense.

There. You are now officially caught up and ready to play the Phantom Pain.

In all seriousness though, the first Metal Gear Solid game is rad and you should totally play it. Metal Gear Solid 2 turned me off to the series and I haven't been able to play more than a few hours of any of the subsequent games.

Haha well yeah, that is my other option, jump into Phantom Pain blind and just take it for what it is...