Favorite Ska Bands

My love for ska began when I bought Mega64's Version 2 DVD and watched through it. If you know Mega64, you know they are huge fans of The Aquabats, a fairly popular ska band (as far as ska bands go). Well, they had a bunch of Aquabats tracks in their show, and it made me seek the band out, and I bought a few CDs. Ever since then, I've been finding various ska bands that I love. 
I'm no ska expert, this is just a list of what I've found to be the bands I've liked the most in the genre. Here are a few, in no particular order. 

Streetlight Manifesto: 

  Streetlight Manifesto play ska punk, and they play it damn well. They are a lot cleaner sounding than most ska punk I've heard (Operation Ivy, for example), with an amazing drummer, awesome horns, and a powerful singer, they have everything you could want in a band.
Mustard Plug
Mustard Plug is a very enjoyable band to listen to. In my opinion, they're not always the most musically talented, and though they can be very hit and miss, they're just so damn cheery and goofy. They can write some gems occasionally also. Great driving music also.
Reel Big Fish
  Reel Big Fish is one of the more famous ska bands, which means maybe 10 other kids in my school have heard of them. I can't give a detailed history of them, I just know that I enjoy how cheery their songs tend to be, with great horn riffs(?) and catchy as hell songs in general. 
The Aquabats!
  Last but definitely not least, comes The Aquabats. This band has their own spectacular mythology, where they are superheroes and fight a wide range of villians to protect earth. I'll let Wikipedia take this one:
" As a part of this mythology the band members have adopted superhero pseudonyms and dress in matching costumes. Their eclectic live show often includes onstage "battles" with costumed foes, and the band has built up an elaborate and ever-changing backstory of their origins and adventures, along with a roster of allies and enemies. The group's lineup has fluctuated significantly throughout their career, with founding members The MC Bat Commander and Crash McLarson as regular fixtures. Jimmy the Robot has also remained a longtime member, having joined the band in 1997."
The Aquabats were my first, and best concert experience to this day. They have so much fun, and the dedicated fans get into the performance also, screaming and booing when the villains get on stage, and cheering on the band when they're fighting the bad guys. Fucking fantastic.