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I really enjoyed this interview. I'm not always up for audio but so happy I gave this a listen. I really like how Austin was on point with his questions and inquired, but mostly how natural it felt. It comes off more like a conversation between two interested parties than an interview and I dig that.

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I've just been waiting for logic to join this cluster fuck since the topic was created. Thank's #168-177. Basic answer to the topic's question is because it was 1997 and even IF every one of these terms existed then, no one cared.

To new players, you were in a world that started out at a low point of social status. You're at the ground level of Midgar, times are tough and people are just trying to get by. A woman in this locale owns and runs a bar, is strong in hand to hand combat and limit break features a slot machine wheel for her limit break. Probably a struggle, probably had to deal with rowdy customers and harassment, and depending on where you're from japan, canada, and the US can have bar arcade games.

As far as bringing race into it [Barret], okay. A large black man who lost a forearm on the job and replaced it with a receptive prosthetic that, depending on how much you played, accepts more than guns is raising a small adopted white girl in this environment. Pick something, angry to have this responsibility despite his love for her, angry that he's doing the best he can but it's the best in this shitty environment for her to grow up in ? Or he is just the stereotypical angry black man that is pissed he was never payed what he was worth and still was grievously injured on the job and the company got him the basic surgery. Hm, why not lead an uprising.

Shit hits the fan, people get poor and we resort to the basic things that make us happy. A bordello, a bar, gambling, or whatever you can do to pass the time, create happiness for yourself, or survive when you basically live either on a dirt floor or right above one. This environment is represented clearly, so is the hardship, so is the the characters trying to get by. Remember upon escape not only do you find yourself in a resort area but shortly after the Golden Saucer.

Cloud wears makeup and a dress and he's not comfortable with it. He doesn't like it, it's not at all what he's used to and most of the time whatever name you want to call her/the obvious love interest at this point in the game/the flower girl pokes fun at you the entire time because it's evident. Your goal is evident at this point that Don Corneo is a scumbag and has to be stopped, and at this point I mean because it is the other characters trying to make life better in the shit hole they currently live.

There is more than enough story in this game to explore versus trying do a thesis on the angry black man topic of Barret, focusing on an age old gimmick along the lines of bosom buddies, or basically making it painfully clear you should just stay clear from the game's remake if you're already harboring these issues.

Id love responses, but honestly, from the start I think this topic is dumb. We're talking about a very story driven game that is long, really long when you consider the optional characters. Also find it weird people target Barret considering Yuffie's in game story. But I won't lie, I do feel a lot of this is just bait to stir shit up.

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Loved it, played a ton of it. Probably played the demo that came with Tobal No.1 more than the same section in the actual game. Played the game just loving it up until that point where an old comrade interrupts a quiet moment in a land of seashells when my multi-page memory card died and I hard to start over.

Went through again, fought the weapons and kept playing for the different characters.

But realistically, I just wan't a decent PC version of the remake because I'm not doing that again without some decent tv or movies on.

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This feels more like the whole witcher polygon erratum got you fired up more than anything.

Personally I almost feel like those articles that focus on this are either by those who don't play games or have lost their desire to do so.

I am no benevolent creature by any stretch of the term, but I've honestly never cared about race or gender in any game I've played. That's always been the job of the girlfriend 'forced' to play sorceress in D2 because it was the female character until LOD.

End of the day, I don't care about race, nationality or sex. Deliver story and gameplay. Job well done.

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Bulletstorm, Freedom Fighters, and Psi-Ops

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For me three games really stick out, all with a multiplayer focus and received important expansions. I also think in their vanilla forms they still stood out heavily.

Diablo 2, Battlefield 1942, and Unreal 2003.

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Not necessary but needed. Stay tuned.

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It's a perfect Eric Border Joker.

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Have you ever used a mod you either didn't like or found it conflicted with one of your other mods you wouldn't want to be without ? Or maybe a mod to enhance graphics but it was done poorly and killed your performance.

A mod you would have to pay for you would end up relying on user reviews being run by people with unkown or completely different setups than your own.

Charging for mods that lets say add a unique follower, weapon/armor etc is fine and it's no different than what Unreal Tournament is doing. But mods that could fall into what I described above (weather/terrain/water modding etc) is a terrible idea.

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More information, operatiing system, mobo and bios version, the exact sticks of ram. model number or store page works. Make sure they're getting enough juice (voltage), if not adjust. If it works with 3 sticks and not 4, and you switch them around, it could be your culprit.

Even more so the problem if memtest86 gives no errors.