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That's unfortunate. At least I got to see it when it happened, was just looking to take a trip down memory lane.

And the party I'm talking about is literally the one shown in the first link, you can see Jeff talking to Adam surrounded by people, and the topic of the forum post in the second link.

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I was actually coming on here to post about my experience with DS2, I just picked it up last Friday + the season pass.

I'm maybe Slevel 90, but just noticed I completely missed some stuff that would've made life easier. Going by the Travel menu - I just got to the start of Heide's, got 2 bonfires, cleared Cathedral of Blue - travel menu page 1 is full, page 2 has 1 bonfire for Shulva. My fault for not seeing that pull chain to enter Heide's.

So far, messages and blood spots everywhere I go. I was caught off guard by being invaded as a hollow (not a scripted PVE invader). Putting on covenant rings is sometimes faster than other games matchmaking.

A lot of invasions on me around the trio in Heide's ruin, maybe 4-5 The Gutter, and really random invasions in Lost Bastille.

Forgot to mention: The side effect is so everything in these 2 areas and now heading into No Man's Wharf is 2 hits or tank and spank for bosses (with a Mace +3).

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This is awesome, thank you ! Oddly enough it's also NBA 2k15 free weekend but I don't see it advertised anywhere on Steam.

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That's amazing.

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Jon Sable Freelance, Samuree, and Sonic Disruptors

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State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition for Xbox One

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It is difficult to give advice without knowing the retailer. I've been working retail 16 years which is before I could drive until now. And Im at, wink wink, gloam repo.

Biggest thing is do you have, lets say a corporate crew, sales team, anyone that visits your store ? The trickle down is making sure money spent on that equipment is earning the company money. Your shitty botfly donuts is not good use.

Again, it is important to have all your ducks in a row, your complaints be documented even just by you, etc etc.

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Soda, soda bicarb, sodium bicarbonate.

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That gave me flash backs ! I had the original.