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State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition for Xbox One

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It is difficult to give advice without knowing the retailer. I've been working retail 16 years which is before I could drive until now. And Im at, wink wink, gloam repo.

Biggest thing is do you have, lets say a corporate crew, sales team, anyone that visits your store ? The trickle down is making sure money spent on that equipment is earning the company money. Your shitty botfly donuts is not good use.

Again, it is important to have all your ducks in a row, your complaints be documented even just by you, etc etc.

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Soda, soda bicarb, sodium bicarbonate.

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That gave me flash backs ! I had the original.

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Haven't tried it yet but so far the best part is in the About the game on the Steam page:

"Hey, You Should Play This"

- Patrick Klepek, Giantbomb

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Signed up a long long long time ago. To the point where I'm in other invite only betas and completely forgot about this until I received this.

The rest of this email did include a beta key, which they do say lets you continue to advance in the next beta test. However right now it is useless outside of account creation and preloading the game.

Problem I have is, well, according to the email title, The Elder Scrolls Online Beta: Help Us Break the Record!, feels a bit scummy.

I'd be happy to test and provide feedback on your game and my rig free of charge, but not allowing me to play,character create, even login or see login screen news until Friday at noon ?

Notice how the red text points out be there at noon on a weekend is the record requirement.

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South Africa or Romania.

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I've only had crashes with the campaign. They've been specific so I'll list them. As far as multiplayer I've had 0 problems. Running x64 for both unless otherwise stated.

  • Crash 1 During the beginning when the chopper crashes while the building is collapsing still with Dunn. Happened once, relaunched, didn't reoccur.
  • Crash 2 After entering the hatch and going into the underwater swimming section with Kovic. Attempted at least 5-6 times, always when making that first left where swim/turn controls appear on screen. Was able to get through it on the x86 version.
  • Crash 3 continuing in x86 from Crash 2 I played to this point of a new chapter where while walking behind Hannah and she starts talking to Irish, the same DirectX Error crash occurred all 3 times.


All drivers up to date, dxsetup run in admin mode. Who knows maybe I'll get past crash 3 with x64 until I have to use x86 to get past whatever happens next.

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Absolutely love it. Full on sims like DCS are amazing but the way this game offers Arcade, Historical, and Full Real Battles I think is really great. Super impressed with the work invested in this and I think the level of detail is amazing, not just graphics but the flight models and physics.

Once I literally had to land using my flaps because both my ailerons and elevators were non-functional.

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Seems promising, the beginning where you first get control got me good with a jump scare.