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For those of you that are confused Matthew Bell read an article posted by Destructoid that Double Fine trademarked "The Cave" in February. This is before the Double Fine Kickstarter campaign had even ended. No one on the Double fine forums payed much attention to it. It wasn't till May that Double Fine announced "The Cave" officially. I guess they were excited that someone was paying attention to every little bit of Double Fine news.

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I've been trying to play Minecraft on PC the past 2 days and it is still a crash fest. I really wish they would make the game run better.

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I'm at a loss for words.

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Thanks for this post. Got the Chell Lithograph. Kinda wish I had gotten the Heavy Lithograph way back when.

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Think of it this way. They're showing Diablo 3 and it doesn't look like it's coming for a few years. They haven't even shown anything from Heart of the Swarm, despite it sharing assets from WoL, so just enjoy Starcraft 2 now.
Edit: Don't confuse him guys. Heart of the Swarm  and  Legacy of the Void are both standalone expansions.

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I don't think Twitter helps Fable universe "immersion".