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@badsniper52: I played trine 2 on ps3 and that was great, now a complete ver. is out on ps4, so that can only be better, outlast is great fun if your into horror games, might want to grab it on the pc store now if you're EU, as it is on sale for £6.79, and if you're feeling like spending 0.00 Blacklight: Retribution is a pretty solid fps, other than them and the two others i mentioned in other post (Merc Kings/Stick It To The Man), there isnt anything really worth attention, in my opinion of course.

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I would say Get Battlefield 4, there are better battlefields, but this one is still very enjoyable, and whilst story driven games are great, you need something to just turn on and play,
Last Of Us, Infamous and Assassins Creed all very entertaining single player experiences. Also if you alreddy have a playstation plus subscription from ps3/vita, and have been keeping up with the ps4 offerings, definately try out Stick It To The Man and Mercenary Kings, both very impressive Indie games, Merc Kings made a lot better in co-op, but still great single.

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Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Gran Turismo Series, Team Fortress 2, Frozen Synapse (Really looking forward to Frozen Synapse Tactics hitting the vita), i'll never tire of the the Tekken series either.