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  • Tool - Aenima
  • Reuben - Racecar is Racecar Backwards
  • Reuben - Very Fast, Very Dangerous
  • Reuben - In Nothing We Trust
  • Jamie Lenman - Muscle Memory
  • Every Time I Die - New Junk AestheticBiffy Clyro - Infinity Land
  • Oceansize - Effloresce
  • Maybeshewill - Not For Want Of Trying
  • Beatles - Abbey Road
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If you zoom in you can see me enjoying cake with *Hyun-ae

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When they let me transfer my Pokemon I will have all of them except for Genesect and whatever super unique Gamestop promotion legendary Pokemon the latest games are hiding.

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Seems like you already found the answer yourself. I did my first run on 1999 mode. I did some amazing stuff with the combat and changed my approach frequently, either because I had to because of ammo constraints or because I wanted to try something new. It never felt boring to me, I even felt like I was playing a new game every half an hour.

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Shadowrun Returns came out this year.

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What? No! I just came back from my mom's and was all ready to spend the rest of my day transferring Pokémon.

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This is a great list. Glory to it.

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@geraltitude: I bet that's just a temporary price. It had to be 55 bucks or whatever it is because that was the Kickstarter reward tier with beta access. Having the game go up on Steam for less would have been a slap in the face for everyone pledging at that tier and expecting something exclusive.

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Ron Gilbert's Monkey Island III: LeChuck's Nightmare

Grimmer Fandango

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I took the watch. Not even out of adventure game habits but because I thought it could be useful. And immediately felt bad about it. This is going to bite me in the ass. I thought for a moment about replaying the episode but why cheat my way out of a depressing scene?

Which watch? o_O

The one in the desk drawer in the room where you find the bandages.