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What other franchise could they shove Watch Dogs into? The Division? I hope it's not AC.

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I think I could??? I'll never have to find out anyway because there's no girl that shares her name. At least in this country.

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Here's some really sweet boxart with a real macho rockstar on it.

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@raven10: The first three Gothics and Risen are by Piranha Bytes, a German developer.

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DO THE RIGHT THING! Buy Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 off Mash them all together in the Baldur's Gate Trilogy mod. Boom! Upwards of 200 hours gone.

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@baillie: Are you using noscript for firefox? If you do have to allow something called for it to work. If it doesn't show up in noscript, try embedding a youtube video yourself first.

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I just got done playing Shay's side. 10 minutes in I needed to go out and buy ice cream.

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@biozal said:

Fallout or Baulders Gate would be cool. I second a return to Pathfinder.

Again with the Baulders. Might as well call it Ballerz Gate because that's what that game is. It's Baldur's Gate.

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I'm fucking devastated over here. I really liked Kaitlyn and I know it's like the smarkiest most internet fan thing to say but I always wanted that Chickbusters reunion. How is that not a perfect angle for the Total Divas story? Ack! And why didn't they put the unicorn on the men's t-shirt?!

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That game was a lot of zeitgeist. I'm never gonna touch Fez again and I wouldn't recommend playing it now. But that magic week where everyone came together to solve puzzles was the shit.