"Child" accounts get the cool stuff.... finally

I discovered today on my 360 that I can finally have last.fm (best thing ever trust me im still blasting it through my astros as I type this) facebook and twitter. It makes me happy that Microsoft realized that they weren't reaching the right market and it was stupid to exclude most of the teen market based on the fact that they had "child" accounts. It was simple just "parental" ( i don't think my parents even know the password) authorization and then I was in. Pretty Rad. 
Oh by the way if you read this in the forums this is a heads up to everyone who hasn't at least checked this stuff out yet I suggest you do last.fm is pretty rad and if you're into facebook and twitter hardcore and don't mind flaunting your blantant geek then you can have fun with those i guess. 
Also I want a Giant Bomb app for my dashboard


Modern Warfare 2 reaveal trailer hints

So I was watching the trailer and I went through it once and one spot in the 00:50-01:00 caught my eye. It was camflauged armor and it looked a lot like the gun camo from COD4. So its got me thinking maybe they've hidden custom armor from the public and are gonna drop a bombshell on release I don't know. Also screenshots from youtube:


Wow this is just getting creepy

its another tirp to LA and here i am updating my giant bomb. I have been playing crackdown once again. Its just so enjoyable! I gave of COD WaW because well... it sucks. period nuff said i don't want to write another rant. COD 4 is agian my most played and i am loving the mythic maps



always some how whenever i come upon a trip to LA i find myself updating my giant bomb. ANYWAY i love the new layout even though i have barely been on it for 5 minutes. SO what have i been playing. I have been playing COD WAW for the 360 as always with my clan though we have gone through a series of remakes and lost many of our better players.

But, more recently i have been playing GRiD which is really hard but really fun. I have found the the drifty racing is fun when you have a car you can screw with and book around n but it doesn't really work with open wheel cars and touge is just evil.

Anyway i have an english report to finish


VGAs (rant)

God I tuned in hoping for a decent Awards Show well so much for awards. in the first hour they announced like 4 awards and whenever they announced one they just tagged on some additional ones that same game won. The opening was sick but after that it seemed like they were trying to pull off Samuel L. Jackson again and failed. Jack Black was okay but the awards part of the show sucked. I can't believe braid lost to world of goo even in an interview before the show the world of goo guys said that they wanted to just concede to braid because it was so damn obvious braid should win. But something was messed up and braid lost to world of freaking goo which no one has really even heard of (or at least i hadn't). I getting ready to just switch back to cod 5 when all of the sudden they just droped like 10 damn awards. It seemed like the show was just one big ass trailer so yeah it sucked.

I hope spike makes a better one next year


COD: WaW first impressions and hip checks

alright i have had cod waw (cod 5) for 3 days now. I beat the campaign which was definently good but not as good a story line as cod 4. So far the multiplayer has been okay. I'm still getting used to the weapons and the like but it seems the game is going to be highly smg centric. The rifles do fire at a nice clip so that you can fire as many shots in 5 seconds as the next guy. In that way you don't end up with the issue with the G3 which was you could fire it as fast as your finger could trigger. I hope this will prevent the modded controlers from taking over. I still have yet to play all the maps and I am only level 15 so i have not really experimented with anything. The biggest issue that i see in the transistion which is how they left out the camoflauge options. This could be explained by the fact that they didn't have it back then but who the hell carries around a gold ak-47 these days. I think that is what made it worth not prestiging. The ability to say i am a bad ass at this weapon has been lost and that saddens me especially because i am not the best player ever so my rank isn't really ever gonna scream HES REALLY GOOD so the lack of a way to show that you are still good i think takes away from the ability to just lay back and play.
As i reached the end of my cod 4 career i really started caring about my k/d. SO with only under 1000 kills every game is effeting my cod 5 ratio and it is driving me insane because i want to keep it above 1.0 but the likely hood of that ever happening is highly unlikely.
One of my favorite things (although i havent had much time to play it) has been nazi zombies it really helps you learn teamwork with friends and it is great target practice for headshots.

On to my guilty pleasure NHL 09
now seeing as i live in san fransisco this may be a little wierd because we have no hockey team and I am not part canadian. But frankly i really like this franchise adn it is the only EA sports product i support because they are forced to innovate and be the best game out there. They have to fight it out with 2k so they can't just sit back add one feature update the graphics and make the new rosters. In be a pro i have made it to 1st line on the sharks so i have to now sit down at some time and play a ton of games so I can get the next card.

So thats watsup in my gaming world if you want to play nazi zombies my xbl gt is Blarg247

Looking forward to the NXE,


New stuff

Far Cry 2 (sort of turned into a rant)
Recently I have rented far cry 2 and i actually to my suprise found it boring. Not because the missions aren't interesting but because even though the missions are fun the time you have to spend getting there isn't worth it. For example I was doing a mission where i had to go out from the center of town in the middle of the map to a small villa in a swamp down in the south eastern corner to assassinate someone so I hope in the boat and spend 5 minutes getting half way and then not wanting to lose health slowy taking out each guard which took 5 more minutes and then driving the rest of the way which took 3 minutes and then when I got there I was excited for a nice 15 minute mission and i sneak around the side only having to quickly and easily dispense of two guards and find the freakin guy im supposed to assinate and kill him so the mission took me around 2 minutes. THEN i had to go back into town to get the next mission so in round trip I spent 2 minutes doing the mission and 20 minutes transporting. In an ACTION adventure thats just no fun especially when the game is suposed to be exciting. Yes i  have had my awesome moments like blowing up a convoy with an rpg (which is always satisfying) and then watching the savvannah set on fire as i pick off the bewildered guards in their trucks who are wondering why no one is in the spot where i just was. Maybe the game will get better as I go seeing as I am still in act 1 but I hope there is going to be a quicker way to travel. Yes driving is fun but only to an extenet there is just a point where I want a fast travel maybe just to guard posts you have scouted (which are annoying because even after you spend a couple minutes defeating every guard they magically are back 2 minutes later) even if you have to fight out of them it would be nice. Or even just more discoverable bus stops there (to my knowledge) aren't really any missions out on the rims by the bus stops thus making them useless. Oh well I guess I should just play more and see if it gets interesting.

NHL 09 (all out likeage)
I love this game I have had it for a day and a half and I am just overwhelmed by its greatness. Be a pro has eaten my sunday with it addictivness it always leaves me thinking one more game. When I do get tired of doing that because you can only take so much  skating around as one person the quick play mode is fun and entertaining with the level of difficulty being just so that each goal is an achievment (assuming you aren't being mean and using the red wings against an ahl team) that is satisfying and each game being a hard fought win which has you leaping out of your chair screaming HELL YEAH!. The anouncers who admittedly aren't great have the AND HE SCORES! thing down pat so you get that rush of glee and feel like doing your own damn victory dance. The new checking mechanic is great because it doesn't just go around having you either just brush them or send them filipping  its got the middle. You have just those moments where you brush them off the puck and pass it away but then you also have those moments where you skate backwards down the ice line up your check and send your oppenent slaming into the boards and then just slide off the glass. I haven't had the chance to try out EASHL yet but I am sure it will be great.

I am physched for this winter I think it is going to be great. SO many game so little time my gamefly account is going to be shipping like crazy. I am trying to save up for rock band 2. I have guitar hero and wish for guitar hero to go back to just guitar becuase thats what it is good at so I don't want to invest in the guitar hero world tour. Plus myself being a large beatles fan i can always hope that new beatles game will be compatible with the rock band kit. I have been playing cod4 on game battles recently so if you want to look up my team it is fugitive gaming and I am blarg 247 alright i gues my rant/ all out likeage is done.


Look a hamburger

well seeing as i am too lazy to find an icon on the net right now i thought a hamburger would be an apporiate icon.... though I can't imagine why. 

Anyway I have been running around the site updating things that are empty filling characters that are obscure to most but important to me. Though I was suprised by the lack of a PSP summary and such so i tried to fill that in as best i could (total caps fail). The site is like wikipedia except better and only about video games.

On the topic of the psp i have just ordered my self the star wars limited edition and thats gonna show up later this week for me so thats gonna be cool ok thats all for now. 

By the way i got a username without a number AWESOME! 


been waiting for the launch ever since the blog came out now thats it is here it is better than i had ever Imagined