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@danryckert long before this podcast you inspired me to try to spend more time together with my 75 year old father, by reminding those of us listening (or even reading your tweets) that these old men aren't dusty old relics of the past. They have their stories, their thoughts and views that constrast awesomely with ours, and they like to have fun just like us. I still get stories out my old man of things I never knew!

Keep being awesome and open both of you, I'll keep up being that with my old man until we get too old, and recommend others to keep in touch with their parents no matter how far away they are. (My parents divorced 20 years ago, didn't spend that much time with him in my adult years, got the greatest father-son bond only now in my life)

(For that matter, our mothers are awesome also and worth spending time with also. God bless them for putting up with our shit for all those years. Will help my ol' ma out until the end of times.)

DITTO to a lot of this

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I love that Destiny is now the cool thing to hate on, and Call of Duty is getting somewhat of a pass because of it.

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Go ahead and TRY to name 1 game better than Destiny that came out in 2014.


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The voiceover work is amazing.

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Wait a fucking second. Are we to intuit that Otacon was masturbating in his room when his sister almost drowned? Because that's what it sounded like to me. I can't remember if they go into what he was doing or not, other than him being on his computer.

He was bangin' his stepmom, IIRC.

You remember correctly. And then his dad committed suicide when he found out, iirc.

To summarize Otacon's familial relationships:

Mom: His dad divorced her when Otacon was young.

Step-Mom: Banged, was actively banging her when his step-sister nearly drowned (Or, well...when his father committed suicide via drowning, I never got a good idea as to whether Emma also nearly drowned). It also isn't super clear which of the two seduced the other.

Dad: Committed suicide over the step-mom thing.

Step-Sister: Emma was in love with him, he didn't reciprocate (or wouldn't allow himself to, or something). She felt he abandoned her two-fold when he banged her mom and then left what was left of the family, never speaking to them again.

I remember this now. Can't wait til Drew gets to this stuff. Sounds like Emma jumped in the water in a futile attempt to save her drowning father.

Been excited about this for this whole series. JAPAN RIGHT?!

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Well that puking video was pretty great...


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I don't really care about Sonic at all but Dan's condescending bullshit remarks about people that get in to any kind of lore really rubs me the wrong way.

Are you trying to get offended by fucking nothing or what? Sonic lore is incredibly dumb and most people will agree that it is, Jeff also shits on the Sonic lore in that same conversation. Are people not allowed to make fun of fucking Sonic lore now without someone getting pissed?

I'm guessing this goes back to Dan saying that the Halo lore is dumb and you trying to tie this to mean that Dan hates all lore and fuck Dan because reasons? He's a big fan of MGS' lore and admits that it's pretty dumb.

Man I cannot believe that you wrote that that remark was "condescending bullshit".

Dan has said the same thing in pretty much every lore heavy game, he has openly mocked people for liking Elder Scrolls and LotR lore.

He's pretty into Metal Gear lore, so am I. Also I think LotR is fine but can we just give it a rest? I mean I've been subjected to it for the better part of 35 years. Elder Scrolls is pretty damn good, but I must have missed the criticism... I would be interested to hear how he would pick that apart.

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This is some The Orange Box value

I'm OK with enjoying Halo

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I am psyched for Drew's reaction to some of the Otacon reveals