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You know... I had to actually look up what the fuck gamergate was 3 weeks after it supposedly happened?

Just an FYI there are people that use the Internet, and who are gamers, who don't have fuck all clue what is going on when someone at a PAX panel says people on the Internet are being mean.

proof that ignoring that shit, works

so... don't link to perpetuating nonsense

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I see WoW mentioned a lot as a good example comparison, but Everquest was far more brutal.

Both games eventually tuned the endgame encounters to let more casual players experience them.

Bungie doesn't want to see it's flagship raid content facerolled in the launch window.

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On the other side of this though are the failed Star Wars MMOs. I love Star Wars to death but when it stopped telling me it's story and asked me to "be a part of it" or whatever, I lost the thread.

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Not getting it

Sorry that's all I got

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We haven't had much gamer drama on the Internet lately, so I'd say we were due for this one.

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I was fortunate enough to run into Ryan once at a liqueur store in Seattle during PAX. Dude was exactly how I knew him from 'the internet' and super happy to talk to a guy who only knew him as "giant bomb". That was when I was only casually familiar with the site and podcast. I believe it was then that I became a full fledged duder.

Patrick you posted a quote that your father had on his desk I believe. Some time ago. Attitude by Charles Swindoll. I had never seen it before but that very moment a bunch of shit clicked into place for me and I made some life changes shortly afterwards. It sounds silly I know, but totally legit.

Anyway... Thanks to the whole crew for being great and providing awesome entertainment. Thanks for being unique

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About the voice control stuff... I think we are lightyears away from voice being an integral part of how we interact with computers.

People say Google does it well, and I agree, except when it doesn't work right and you have to repeat yourself, the same thing with Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. Also it just doesn't feel natural, and it annoys EVERYONE around you.

I was near a guy the other day who was dictating his text messages back to someone, and it was the most unnatural, ridiculous things I have witnessed in a long time when it comes to human interfaces.

It doesn't mean we should stop trying, however, and I actually think MS was taking a bold step making Kinect a pack-in. It really is too bad they backtracked.

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MGS4 is about 2.5 hours if you skip the cutscenes. This shit is waaaaaay overblown with drama.

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I don't think the external drive support has launched yet... that said, it won't matter what sort of drive it is. There are certain protocol standards that MS will need to support and chances are they will support them.