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The thing in there I find hardest to believe is the 64 players per side (128 total). Not that games haven't done that (and more than that) before, I'm just skeptical they would get that working on the consoles because [insert comment about underpowered consoles here.] Maybe for the PC version.

Other than that, that stuff all sounds plausible in a way that seems like this could be true, or someone just making plausible guesses. It'd be nice if it was true, if they could make a good/lengthy campaign that spans the entire Star Wars saga (not counting the new movies), then that'd be rad. Not that I expect Dice (or whichever segment of Dice this is) to be able to do that, mind you.

The consoles are comparably underpowered, but they're still fairly new and we don't know their limits. There were some multiplayer games last generation that had some really high player counts - MAG has been mentioned, and Resistance 2 had like 80. If they're really going to have battles that take place on the ground and in space simultaneously, they're probably going to need player counts that high.

Does anyone know if those two PSP-exclusive Battlefront games were any good? I want to play some Battlefront that I've never played before now... or I could just buy II off of Steam.

Basically the only thing that the PSP Battlefront game (Elite Squadron) had going for it was the fact that it had space and land battles at the same time (but there was a loading screen when you transitioned from one to the other) and the fact that the story mode for Elite Squadron is the same story that Free Radical were going to have for the scrapped Battlefront 3 they were making.

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"Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in"

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And I'm out, hope yall enjoy em.

Appreciate it!

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Id also like a key for Risk of Rain if any are available please.

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To this day, I am inexplicably disappointed that Capcom used the RE4 engine to make a Wii version of Dead Rising and not a Dino Crisis remake. I don't even know why this disappoints me, it just does.

Probably because the Wii version of Dead Rising was pretty trash.

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Space Station 13 has always been dumb in the best possible ways