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I wonder how much he spent on those mini-figs.

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crazy games have made it.

was mlg ever on espn?

also wish i could see reactions of people going to espn looking for sports and seeing esports. they will be confused.

I don't know about ESPN but back in like 2006-07ish G4 would would just air MLG tournaments late at night, so that's something I guess.

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I need to look up that story about the fundraiser battle between Dan and that "unnamed athlete"

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For a random short series, Giant Robo is the bomb-diggity!


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Dead Leaves I think is a better pick, its crazy and over the top, Psycho-Pass, Black Lagoon, Gunslinger Girls, Mezzo series also and FLCL.... the things that scare most new people away from anime is the long draw out 500+ episodes series or the the indie art house slow pace dramas.... I think over the top or dark and gritty & humor and violence is what help spark that interest in the crazy world of anime... I would also say HighSchool of the Dead pending on how a person may respond to the fanservice.... sometimes stuff that is similar to old american cartoons like case close is to scooby doo helps too.....

Friend have you ever heard of a show called M.D Giest?

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Metropolis is still a great visual film even if you don't care for the plot that much

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Just scroll down to the "memes" section.

Also im pretty sure theirs like 4x more than that wiki says from playing the game.

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  • Crackdown 3
  • The Crew
  • Rainbow Six
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