10 Hottest Chicks in Video Games

My list of hot video game girls!

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Posted by Fallen189

Regarding Mikuru Asahina, she's a time traveller.
I think you'll be cool dude, just say "But she's from the future" and it's all good.

Posted by trophyhunter

what no hitomi?

Posted by coonce
@trophyhunter said:
" what no hitomi? "
who is that?
Posted by trophyhunter
@coonce said:
" @trophyhunter said:
" what no hitomi? "
who is that? "
from DOA kitsume's sister
Posted by Psykhophear

Great list. You've got good taste :)

Posted by GogetaDS

Hmm, Kasumi is number one in my opinion. Next is Ayane, Lucy (Elfen Lied), and the rest is up to you.