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Been playing on the server, it's pretty low pop and people seem friendly enough. Good server for new people to get into the game.

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Site down? Can I just shutdown my Ubi account and purge all information?

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Drew mentioned calling Anna/Elizabeth in the spoiler stream. Did anyone else call it or Booker/Comstock? I had my suspicions during the weapon smith parts that Booker was Comstock when they started jumping to different universes, using references in the Hall of Hero's. I was pretty certain as soon as you kill Comstock and get the noise bleed. Overall a little disappointed that I called the actual "big reveal".

Anna/Elizabeth did catch me off guard though.

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also rumored to maybe cost $250 for a 16GB version, right?

Is that off contract? You do know the iPhone cost $700 right?

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Circle pad pro is not locked to regions. So you can import and use them on a NTSC 3ds.

Some ebay sellers always have really cheap ones with free shipping to boot.

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@Cameron: Why have a timed usage at all? Like I said, you can always change what hardware your purchases are attached to. In your case I always have to hit the internet to revalidate sometime, the way Nintendo does it: I purchase once (if I need to change hardware, I do it once) then play and never worry about it.

It would be nice to have a better transfer tool, something attached to an account. But Nintendo's current system isn't as bad as it looks at face value. Especially when other system are actually worst. I'd personally rather have Nintendo's over Microsoft's.

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Here's the thing:

Pretty much every system locks games to the hardware, Nintendo is actually better because they allow you to switch what system it is attached to. Take the 360, I have had 3 of those and digital games stretched across all 3, I can't play the games from the first two unless my account is logged in(online) and even then it gets sketchy if other people want to play it.

Nintendo provides a tool that lets you move the actual hardware level attachment to other hardware, and in case of the device being broken/lost/stolen as long as you have the system information you can call Nintendo and they will do it on their end.

Think about it, how is it suppose to be locked to an account? The 3DS is a portable system, you aren't always online, the way Nintendo does it is actually better then any other system. If Nintendo used the Xbox/Steam method and you ever replaced the system you would only ever be able to play your games if the 3ds was online(so no portable play).

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Use reeking boxes on the first couple of chapters, pair your MU with him. Might want to bring in another low hitter to get a one two punch for the first few levels.

Reeking box difficulty is based on the chapter you use it in. They are generally just a little harder then the actual level was. Pairing someone up with him gives him bonus stats, the MU gives huge bonuses because of his skills.

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gamefaqs has an Upcoming Titles section on each of their platform pages.

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You have to pick your own topics and authors? We have always had assigned readings and topics, lucky, I wouldn't go with Neil Stephenson simply because his works are LOOOOONG and if you aren't a big reader it's going to take forever.

Given what you have said I'd go with Douglas Adams. Great, short, books, amazing life story and just an awesome legacy.