Dishwasher without the samurai.

Today is cleaning day, but all I want to do is play some games. I wish you could unlock achievements for housework. Achievement Unlocked - 25g for loading the dishwasher. Maybe 100g for cleaning out the oven or scrubbing the toilets. I know I would be more motivated to do those chores. If you hate housework, then don't have kids (Captain Obvious statement). Ugh, I need to get started.



Have you ever had one of those days were you can't find anything that is interesting? I stared at my video games for about 20 minutes and none of them said "play me". The same thing happened when I looked at my movie collection. Even Netflix streaming was a bust. I decided that maybe I was in the wrong medium, so I walked over to the bookshelf. Nope, I read all those. Turns out that my brain was pointing me towards a jigsaw puzzle I started about 6 months ago. It's a 2000 piece field of flowers that will be chewing up my day. If I hadn't wasted that hour looking for something to do, then I might have been able to find a couple more pieces.


360 withdrawals.

I am in my second week of a self imposed 360 hiatus. I told myself after I reach the 150,000 gamer score mark I would try to give my PS3 and Wii some love. Alan Wake was the game that got me there and I immediately wanted to play thru it again. I was able to fight back the urge and popped in my copy of Infamous that I have been trying to finish for about 4 months now. Great game, but I am not having as much fun as I did with Crackdown. 3D Dot Game Heroes was entertaining until about the half way point. The Wii was feed a copy of Super Mario Sunshine from the GC area. That game looks like ass on an HDTV. I also think that I might not like that "try again and again until you get it" game play.  
At any rate, I guess I am just a fanboy that loves his 360 too much. I am going to finish Infamous this week, be damned, then it is back to Bright Falls for this guy.  


Photo Dojo will make you chuckle.

Why would I say that? The wife and I spent 15 minutes turning her into a playable character last evening. You take 15-20 photos and record around ten sounds. Once you have finished this mildly tedious part is when the fun begins. You punch, kick and fireball your way thru waves of opponents. If you were creative enough with your sound recordings, then you can't help but laugh until you cry. I recommend everyone give it a try. It is free on the DSiWare store for a limited time.