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@twenty0ne: 'sup, I'm #crackinwise

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@Snail: Thanks Snail. It would be nice to hear from the higher-ups about this, I'll send an email to the bombcast. Does anyone know when the last quest set was added?

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Like many others, I have not been able to complete a single video-related quest since I joined the site. I can see in a previous forum post that there is potentially no one working on the quest system at giant bomb currently, and that people are speculating that the quest system will be removed all together. Is there any truth/proof to these claims? Is there a workaround to getting the video quests complete? I've got quite a large number of sets that are fully complete but for the video segments. Thanks!

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Maybe this will give some people an actual reason to get a vita.

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This game might single handed-ly get me to buy a playstation 3