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Thank you for the interesting article.

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@HistoryInRust: Sure, I'm really curious to know

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What happens in the game's story?

Only links I can find are news articles talking about the piracy, where I can read the full plot?

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In fairness, is does say "and more!" so there could very well still be new weapons, but they just want to advertise the new game modes.

Agreed. I doubt they would do a 'bait and switch'

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@SethPhotopoulos: What about the town New Haven? Does it get attacked by Hyperon or Claptraps in the DLC?

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Is there no mention of who within Hyperon started the Revolution?

Apparently this DLC wasn't made by Gearbox, it was a studio called Darkside.

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Could someone please tell me what the story of Claptrap's New Robot Revolution DLC was?

I played the first game, but I skipped that DLC. I think I have reached a point in two where they might be referencing events that occurred in that DLC. I tried looking on the game page and wikipedia, but they don't really mention what the full plot was.

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I think PS3's spotlight channel is better than the Xbox dash. The front page on Xbox live rarely advertises a sale.

Ever since my Live subscription ran out, I disconnected the Xbox's internet connection. No more ads for me, just a big sign asking me to connect to Xbox live.

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Looking forward to the announcement! Bioware and Ubisoft do great cg-trailers.

Also interested to see if they do a multiplayer mode. I thought the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer was a promising first attempt and class system made it more interesting than Gears 3 horde.

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I do it for reward points and bonus items.

Flip-side is that I never buy a game full price after it's release. I feel its a rip-off to pay the full price and receive nothing but the base game, I'd rather just wait for a price drop.