$250 is an outrage, and here's why!

Here are some genuine thoughts about the asking price.
        In the 70's-90's, the world's benevolent force of freedom, known as the US Government, overthrew the godless cesspool of evil, known as the Soviet Union viz. the wise fiscal decisions of Ronald Reagen. We all know this to be true, and because of this undeniable fact we all now lead honest, fearful lives in the midst of capitalistic profits. However, certain groups want to rock the boat of prosperity, these tenacious sycophants only wish to please the forces of evil by breaking the free market and inflating/deflating the dollar, lowering our wages, increasing taxes, and introducing the coercive forces of communism.
 Colored in by black void

        Never before have human beings payed over $200 for an honest to goodness, good old fashioned, portable gaming device (e.g. no consumers in the world purchased the PSP-GO). However, with Nintendo, a powerful force of capitalism, using their market popularity to extort hard-earned cash for a simple portable device is blowing the cold, decrepit tundra of the communist bear towards our gaming markets. Whether Nintendo made an accident or bore malintentionné is irrelevant; they opened Pandora's box down the slippery slope of extortion. Before we know it, console manufacturers will bear down on the unwitting citizen wrenching $300, $350, $500  per hand held console, but their quality and our personal freedom can only deteriorate. We will continue to ride down this slippery slope until we wake up at the penultimate step of communism, struggling to escape the violating grasp of the collective bear, without recourse or meaning left in the world.
 Communist forces supplanting your power!

        We must act now! As William Butler Yeats insisted, we must "make the iron hot by striking" and we must make the black bronze of communism into a sharp sword of freedom by fighting the rising sun of Nintendo! Call the governor, senator, general, and militia in your district and fight this violation of human sovereignty. If we do not rebel against the oppressors now, our mettle will be gone, and under the burden of shame our children will ask "Where were you when the 3DS was overpriced?".

Somewhat Sincerely,